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10 SEO Link Building Tips for 2020 – From Industry Experts

If you have just launched your website and focusing on getting quality traffic then you must be aware of high-quality link building. Link building is one the leading tactics of SEO practice that helps divert traffic to a new website through acquiring hyperlinks from other websites as well as helps your website ranked higher in SERP’s.

Backlinks are a vital Google ranking factor but it needs to be done effectively. Rightly done link building can shoot traffic on your website in no time but yes, it is also the toughest practice of SEO. Most SEO experts would advise you to stop opting for shortcuts; instead, you should focus on building high-quality backlinks.

Link building used to be easy but in this informational era, it is difficult to trick Google with low-quality links building. While the right and quality links can rock your Google ranks, revenue and brand value and that is only possible if your brand has gained the trust of the users.

For building authority and trust, it is essential to get recognized by the search engines. You can start this by using tips and you are on your journey to build an effective link building strategy.

10 SEO Link Building Tips for 2020 – From Industry Experts

1. Get a better understanding of Google

Neil Patel: It is one of the crucial steps in link building process, you must know Google’s mission and how does it work. It will not only shape Google’s strategy, but it will guide you in the right direction. Before you map out link building planning, you need to be clear about the content. Is your content well organized and are you providing useful information to the readers?

It matters a lot. Try to focus on organizing your content so that people can find relevant and useful information. For a strong link building foundation, let Google find your content. Once it’s ranked, you can go ahead.

2. Right things to know before creating a quality backlink

RankWatch: You need to evaluate if your links are qualified to be called as ‘Good links’. Yes, there is a smart way to inspect the quality of your links. Check out few link building techniques

● PageRank: PageRank is introduced by Google to inspect the relevance and authority of a page. The metric is a great way to evaluate the authority of the website from where the backlink is coming. It scores your links from 0-10 and 10 is the highest score. You must know that Page Rank is not public now, but it still exists.
● Anchor text: Anchor text is a hyperlinked text (Generally in blue). This gives Google information about the subject of the page being linked to. If your links are pointing to relevant web age with various related anchor texts, that web page is likely to rank high.
Popularity: The popularity of a website is the king. The more popular the website is, the backlink from the website is going to be more powerful. You have to make links from popular sites to earn the trust of search engines and users.
Beware of link neighborhood: links that are linked to spammy websites are called neighborhood links. You need to ensure you are in a safe link neighborhood.

3. Content-based link building

Moz: The basic idea of content-based linking is to create an asset that you can use to acquire links and this takes as a form of content you are creating an infographic, a data visualization, white paper, how-to guide video and image gallery.

You have to understand the popularity of content which is liked by readers. In this way, you earn links from people who find them relevant and interesting. It is a time-consuming tactic but it can really boost traffic on the website, you just have to create inspirational and interesting content. Keep searching high ranked content which can give you the right direction.

4. Social backlinks

SearchEngineWatch: Social media has become a major medium for online marketing, giving a number of tactics to promote your brand. Search out influential people that can get your message out to millions. to gain potential customers, engaging/ social link building is best. Link building through social media can help you fetching potential customers and relevant target audience.

Here is a list of today’s popular mediums to build a relevant network

● Facebook: Facebook creates a lot of opportunities for link building. It is a great way to reach the mass. You can build relationships with people you already know on Facebook or if you have a fan page, you can reach out to people out of the group.
● Twitter: Twitter is another amazing platform to engage with people. It can be used to develop connections with others and sharing your content.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn also offers opportunities for developing valuable relationships.
● Google Plus: The social network from Google is also a great source to get good backlinks.

Building trust is crucial in link building. You can build useful connections through social media that can help you send out your content. All the social channels mentioned above are effective ways of building trust.

5. Internal links

These types of links go from one to another page on the website. It is a great way to help people to evaluate your website deeply. For this practice, use a good phrase or any pages and it to an inner page. Plus, it helps to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

6. Build links with reviews

Reviews are a great way to build links from authorities’ sources. If you have a new product launched, then ask online influencers to try it and review it. It can help your product to get better exposure in the market.

7. Using broken link building

It is all about identifying broken links on other sites and offering your relevant resources to site owners as an option.

8. Build links with link roundups

An expert roundup is an interesting link building technique. Not only it’s an excellent way to get relevant content but it is guaranteed the content will be shared. Choose a topic, find your experts, reach out, give a deadline, edit and send a follow-up mail and link.

9. Guest blogging

It is an effective way to earn links, which is done using high-quality content. Beware; Google keeps an eye on marketers who abuse this tactic with low-quality content. You just have to focus on generating high-quality content and don’t abuse the tactic. It may result in damaging the reputation of your brand.

10. Monitor your backlink profile

For staying ahead in your SEO strategy, you have to protect your website. Make a regular monitoring a part of your SEO planning. There are automatic tools like link alerts to help you stay on track.

At the end of the day, each and every business want to see their website at the top results of search engines. If you are one of those follow these amazing tips which are shared from the best in business.

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