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6 Ways to Gain more Visibility for your Facebook Page

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Many businesses struggle to find ways to reach a broader audience when they launch a social media campaign, especially when they first start out. The trick to garnishing new likers is to create an engaging and interesting page. Let’s look at 6 ways you can facilitate a more interactive Facebook marketing campaign and get the conversation going between you and your target audience.

Gain more Visibility for your Facebook Page

Inspiration or Funny Quotes and Images – Always try to post things that people will want to either share or like, such as funny photos or inspirational quotes, as long as they are appropriate for your audience. The best way to gain exposure is to leverage the existing following that you already have.

Caption Contest or Fill in the Blank – Again, this is another good way to get some interaction from fans. While it’s a bit gimmicky, people generally respond to these very well. Many big brand names have used these considering it helps drive comments from the audience.

Run Contests – This one is generally the most successful way to gain new likes, but involves the investment of time and often money or prizes. People like receiving free things and this is a good way to grow your follower base. Just make sure the contests and prizes are relevant to your brand and company and that you are adhering to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

Encourage Photo tagging – Encourage your followers and friends to tag themselves in the photos you upload. These can photos they are physically in or ones that they identify with. Every time someone tags themselves in your photos, it’s shown to their network of people through their newsfeed and therefore is a good way to get fresh eyes on your brand.

Promoted Posts – while this article is focused more in the organic ways you can create a more visible Facebook page, using a promoted post if you have the budget to do so might be worth the investment. You can promote any post, and control the amount that is spent on the post from a range to $5 – $200. Studies have shown that the audience reach in a normal vs. a promoted post for $10 spends is between 1k-3k.

Encourage User Check-Ins – If you have a brick and mortar location or multiple locations, encourage your visitors to check in on Facebook through your page. Since check-ins show up a user’s timeline this is a great way to gain exposure from their friends who will see your business in their newsfeed.

Author Bio: Martha Le is an avid blogger about SEO, social media and digital marketing with over 10 years of working in an Orange County Ad AgencyClick to know how to increase followers on Twitter.

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