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A Look at Data Loss Statistics in USA – Updated

Bearing data loss is the worst situation businesses face. Loss of money, loss of information, loss of productivity, and loss of time are all included in this single entity. Businesses have their total dependency on the prepared data. Apart from the professionals, personal users save half their lives in computers, including audio & video clips, family photos, banking details, credit card information and much more.

Data Loss Statistics in USA

Break Down of the 2015 Data Breach Statistics:

Below are some data loss statistics in USA:

Data loss can be caused by hardware or software issues. Moreover, hard drive failure is the most common cause of data loss, demonstrated by 38% of data loss incidents.  Other causes include software problems, such as human errors, viruses, file corruption etc.

In case of lost data, one of the two outcomes is possible. Either data can be recovered or it is permanently lost. In fact, the permanent data loss takes place when new data is saved on the affected hard drive or device. In this case, the data stored on it may be overwritten and cannot be recovered.

However, today users express their gratitude to commercial applications and the experts who developed them. This software have reduced the risk of data loss to an unexpected limit. Users can repair a hard drive, volume/partition and recover data. Moreover, data can be recovered from a formatted drive or partition (only if it has not been used further) using the software. Now, accidental deletion, formatting etc., are not worth worrying. These applications are available over the web and can be found through an online order. Via –

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