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Amazon Gaming Services May Be a Cause for Concern among Other Gaming Services

Have you ever heard of Amazon? Ever been online and seen  If not, Amazon is a technology company which is based in many countries, for instance, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The company focuses on artificial intelligence, cloud- computing and even e-commerce. The company’s CEO and founder are Jeff Bezos, and its headquarters are located in Seattle Washington.

Amazon also offers the best products including the best gaming TV, latest gaming gadgets among others. Amazon may be laying the groundwork to dive deeper into gaming. Amazon has been developing a game streaming service which rumor around town predicts it will be launched next year. Amazon promises to bring the best gaming experience to match they’re providing the best gaming TVs and gaming solutions, to gamers all over the world. Amazon will be competing with already established gaming giants, like;  PlayStation Now, Electronic Arts and Google.

As the year was starting there was an announcement by gaming company Razer, that they would be integrating Alexa, into the company’s gaming platform. Still, earlier on in the month, information was revealed, that Amazon is currently in the process of developing a streaming gaming service. These put the rumors to rest, and it is a known fact now that they are going to be having a game streaming service. This is a welcome idea from gamers all over the world as Amazon’s reputation of efficiently streaming music, movies and many more, already speaks for itself. Amazon is also alleged to be already working with game publishers, to stream these publisher’s titles on the streaming platform.

A game streaming service would be a great complement, to what Amazon has already been offering to people all over the world regarding streaming media. Today Amazon offers a wide range of streaming media, which includes: music, video and many more. In 2014, Amazon bought the company Twitch, which raised curiosity about its interest in launching a gaming service, which was bigger than what it was already providing. The curiosity was further heightened when in 2017, Amazon bought GameSparks’ technology, a gaming specialist that was based in the U.K. Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon which is dedicated to providing what game publishers need, for instance, gaming technologies and analytics has already utilized GameSparks’ technology.

Amazon has impressed everyone, because of its ability to integrate technology into the infrastructure quickly, and to have in place tools necessary to build its own consumer service. Amazon’s dream of a direct consumer gaming platform, which is bigger and better, seems to be coming to fruition. Amazon is set to go head-to-head with some big players together with gaming platforms that are console-based, in providing streaming media services. The consumers now have broadband connections that are replacing hardware and services, in the fields of music and many more. For instance, the best gaming TVs are replacing regular TVs that are not specifically tailored for gaming, for you as a gamer to get a wholesome gaming experience. Amazon is providing some of these services. Amazon has the advantage of having Amazon Prime Video and even Amazon Music up its sleeves, and therefore adding a game streaming service to this list will make the service in general, more inclusive and will also attract new subscribers, who will maybe only be subscribing to specifically have access to the games.

Another advantage that Amazon will have over other gaming services is that Amazon has already developed its artificial intelligence, as in earlier years it has focused on expanding its AI among other technology. Amazon is making moves in the gaming industry, for instance, Razer, a gaming company, has integrated Alexa. The voice commands have been combined to control Razer’s gaming console. This is just a small aspect, which means that Amazon can incorporate AI into the actual gameplay. This gives Amazon and edge over very many of its competitors, which should cause concern among these other gaming services.

Another thing is that, if Amazon can finally bring the game publishers they have been eyeing on board, it will mean that Amazon will be a one-stop shop. You will be able to pay a monthly fee, and access and stream all the desired games from their game streaming service, stream music and even movies all at once. This is a more affordable and convenient way to access games, rather than buying consoles, subscribing to different game streaming services for you to e able to access all the games you want. This is bound to make many gamers gravitate towards Amazon’s game streaming services once they launch it, putting it way ahead of its competitors.

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