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Readers, Meet Rehmat Alam our another blogger celebrity from Pakistan. Rehmat Thanks a lot for giving us your precious time and thoughts. Keep Blogging !   Now, lets know more about him by scrolling down. 🙂  

Please share something about you and your blogging journey?
I live in Gilgit Baltistan which is located in North of Pakistan. I am an university student and studying at Karakoram International University Gilgit in the discipline of Biological Sciences. It is an interesting fact about me that I dedicate most of my time for blogging and do a little study of my main subjects only during exam days.

How and when did you enter into blogging? And who are your blogging role models?
It was 2006 when I joined blogosphere. The motive behind this was basically to earn a living. As I’m a PC-worm from beginning, so I was reading through several blogs and forums in search of a good source for earning some money. During that research, I read very inspiring writings about blogging and then decided to go through this field. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger  is my role model and I respect him a lot.

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How many hours do you spend on blogging?
 Although I’m a university student, still I dedicate most of my time for blogging. During vacations, I spend about 18 hours each day on average on my PC but now have reduced it after a friend’s suggestion. During university, daily dedication time varies according to university activities.

If you were not a techie blogger then what would you like to blog about?
I love nature and I have yet another blog which I’m going to build on natural beauty of my area Gilgit Baltistan. I believe that my homeland is among some most beautiful places of the world and I want to put its beauty in front of the world 🙂

What process do you use to edit your work and ensure it is free of grammar and spelling errors? Any tips for us 😛
As I’m not a native English speaker, so I realize that I’m not superb in writing. To ensure that my writing is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, I carefully proofread the post before and after publishing it. And I would like to recommend all bloggers to proofread their posts once or twice to ensure that everything is okay.

What is the value of SEO and SMO tactics in your blogging journey and which tactic is your favourite one?
I believe in white-hat SEO and learning it by heart. Regarding with Social Media Optimization, I mostly ignore it. According to me, when someone needs help, he/she searches Google, not Facebook or Twitter :), but yes, you should promote your content among social networks too, as it is a strong indicator for your content’s popularity and search engines consider it while deciding the SERP rankings.

Would you be available for an unknown newbie blogger for any help?
Yes of course, all bloggers, who contact me via email, comments or Skype are strange for me in beginning and I try my best to help all needy persons personally.

What is your first earning from your blogging? And what is the status of now? Share your top incomes sources.
In beginning, my blog’s monetization source was AdSense alone and I earn good with it :). I am so sorry that I can’t mention the revenue as it is against TOS of AdSense. Now I promote HostGator and Payoneer along with AdSense and they are contributing well in my blog’s earnings. Sometimes, companies and individuals contact me for publishing sponsored reviews and they pay up to $150 for each review I publish. But I first thoroughly study their product to ensure that my audience isn’t distracted and then I publish the posts by mentioning them as sponsored posts. It also earns me good. In most cases, I discard the posts when they are willingly promoting anything beyond its quality.

What is the average traffic of your blog these days?
Due to my extreme busy schedule, I haven’t checked the stats in Analytics for about last 10 days:). It may seem strange for you but I usually don’t check stats etc. Daily pageviews in last month were about 15K/day.

According to you “What is the right age of a blog to start earning from that?”
Soon after it starts receiving traffic. This age may vary greatly for different blogs. I would recommend bloggers to start monetizing their blogs from the first day. I’m not talking about AdSense which needs good organic traffic, but anyone can earn through affiliate marketing or any other similar source.

What are the tools & sites that you would love to advise bloggers and why?

Would you like to give some suggestions to the newbie bloggers like me?
Mostly, it is advised to not admit defeat, but I would like to change it a little. I have experienced that SEO is the most powerful factor behind any blog’s success or failure. In beginning, I failed badly and the reason was my illiteracy about search engines. So learn SEO well, write useful and helpful content, help your audience and plan before doing anything. You will surely get a brilliant success.

How can I get in touch with you? Please share your social profiles and contact details so that we can get in touch with you.
The most convenient way to reach me is via email and the address is You can also stay in touch with me on Skype. ID is supportivehands. On other social networks, I stay inactive mostly. You can also visit me on –

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