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Discover the Basic Reasons to Convert EDB Mailboxes to PST Files

Microsoft Exchange professionals spend their maximum time in mailbox management and improving server performance. Usually, Exchange server stores entire data into EDB files that are stored locally in MBX folder. As the mailbox size grows several internal issues appears in regular working of the server and thus the performance decreases.

For large IT industries, the low server performance is not acceptable. In that case, professionals and administrators convert EDB mailboxes to PST files so as to reduce the size of large mailboxes. Outlook PST files provides interoperability on different servers and machines. Even in impossible states, where direct migration is not possible (for example: migration from 2003 server to 2013 server), the PST files provides a direct helps to administrators.

See the Benefits of Converting EDB Mailboxes into Outlook PST Files:

Improved Server Response:
Server performance is improved as the mailbox size is reduced. Client can easily open and access their data on the server without waiting for very long.

Reduce Risk of Database Corruption:
Security comes with small size. This means, that there are less chances of corruption in database. The database stored in MBX folder stays in consistent state for a long time where no external or internal issues can affect it.

Better Storage Space Management:

This helps in reducing the expenses to be used for buying extra storage devices. Convert EDB mailbox to PST files so that, the data overload is shifted from one single large file to other small sized PST files. These PST files can be shifted into other machines.

Minimized Jet Engine or MAPI Errors:
After conversion of EDB mailboxes into PST files there are lesser instances for Jet Engine errors and MAPI errors.

Small no of Log File Creation:
Larger the database, larger its transaction log files. It is commonly found that for a large size of database a larger no of transaction log files are created (for example: 16 GB of database 120 log files are created). So, if any of the log files gets corrupted then entire database comes at the stake of corruption.

The Possible Ways to Convert EDB Mailbox to PST Files

Microsoft Exchange server is a great example of great technology. The server has presented several inbuilt mechanism to export, repair and managed Exchange mailboxes. In this reference, Exchange server presents a set of Power Shell commands and ExMerge.exe utility. Both are very help for every Professional for the case of database recovery, database conversion and database repair. On the basis of server edition the syntax for Power shell commands varies.

Similarly, there are many other advanced ways to potentially convert EDB mailbox to PST files which provides GUI mode instead of command mode. The ultimate goal of mailbox conversion from EDB file to PST files is to save the server space and keep the data segregated for better management.

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