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Honor 9N vs iPhone X – Comparison You Must Check iPhone Lovers ????

The other day one of my friends came up to me with a very weird but intriguing challenge. He is that typical iPhone warrior for whom the world begins and ends with IOS. Oh, he is also a ‘proud’ owner of an iPhone X by the way. I am an Android person who is often looked down upon by IOS users. My friend is no different. Sometimes I wonder why I even call him a friend! Whatever!

So this fellow comes to me and challenges me to troll iPhone X with any Android device. I hate to admit but for a few days I actually groped for an answer to his challenge. But then I read somewhere about this upcoming phone from Honor which gave me a window to send a virtual slap to my iPhone X buddy.

I am talking about the Honor 9N which is slated for India launch on July 24th this year. I dug out some images of this device from speculation stories and leaks to troll my friend in epic proportions.

So what I did was, I invited him to my place along with some of our common pals over some drinks and when he was least expecting, I did a proper projector presentation of the following visuals.

Honor 9N vs iPhone X – Comparison You Must Check iPhone Lovers ????

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