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How to Increase RAM of Android Phone/Device Using SD /Memory Card

Increase RAM of Android Phone

Increase RAM of Android Phone

Does your phone hang multiple times when you are playing a game or when you are trying to do multiple tasks? The lagging problem on your phone is because of three reasons- you may not have sufficient internal memory, the processor is the cause or the problem is with your RAM. The storage problem can be very easily solved by adding a memory card, but how to exactly deal with RAM? Changing the mobile phone may be a good option for individuals who have the ability to spend thousands of rupees, but for the rest, it is quite an expensive process. And to help out those individuals, here the solution has been enlisted for increasing RAM of your Android device.


Why increase RAM of Android Phone?

When you don’t have sufficient RAM, you are going to face certain issues, making it hard for you to use the phone over the period of time. It is the hardware that creates the difference and changing it cannot be a solution. Either your phone will need a surgical inspection by a professional or may be your phone may not be ready enough to support such operations. So, the option for changing the hardware cannot be considered here at any cost. But at the same time, your phone needs a makeover in order to get rid of the following problems, such as-


How to increase RAM of Android Phone?

But, thankfully you got solutions to erase all the associated problems and make your phone function very smoothly. Installing a memory card or an SD card to give the much-needed boost to your RAM!

Although there is a process for increasing the RAM, using this is not very simple as this will require certain specifications. So, before proceeding, you need to have a checklist ready!

There are two ways that you can opt for adopting this change- one with the help of an application and the other one manually.

Increase RAM of Android Phone using App

Features of RAM Expander

Increase RAM of Android Phone Manually

Both the steps are simple enough and don’t need much working knowledge. So go through them well and give back life to your phone once again!

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