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Leverage the Power of Twitter for Influencer Outreach

Twitter Tools

Imagine this scenario. You are attending a great party and suddenly a guy comes to you and start spouting off about its marketing software company. After few minutes, you are talking to another strange person and he is telling you that they recently bought and is in love with another marketing software company. So, whose opinion you would trust?

Now, imagine another scenario. You are taking an interview of a candidate and they are speaking all of their plus point in context to the job offer. In order to verify, you call their last company HR and get a little bit negative response. So, whose words would you trust?

It has been seen over many years that we people rely more on third party recommendation than of a person or a company themselves.

But how got this connected to influencers?

Well, folks you can think of influencers as a third party people who can advocate for your brand to your targeted audience. If you tweet of your own brand or products saying how excellent it is, it’s won’t create much impression of it amongst the audience. But if someone else does the same for your brand, which is called ‘word of mouth’, it will certainly work!

So, ultimately you are in need of influencers for a powerful marketing strategy and twitter is a great social media platform that magnifies an influencer message making twitter outreach an inevitable part of your business marketing strategy.

If you want to learn about the right influencers for your brand and how to engage with them in Twitter such that it results for your brand, read on.

Build up your Twitter Profile

Before you start connecting to people on Twitter, make sure your profile is up to the mark. Your bio should be concise and professional. And there should not be any typos or grammar error.

Don’t stuff too many links. You may just provide a backlink to your company’s home page or portfolio page. The location on your profile should be legitimate, if you want to do serious business here.

When a person will reach out to your profile for the first time, they are fair chances that they will check out your recent tweets. So, it is wise to tweets useful information only!

Detail ‘the influencer’

In order to locate your influencers on twitter, you would first need to define how they look like. You will need to consider the types of twitter audience, the category or industry your brand belongs to, and why you need influencers. Once you have defined an ideal influencer for your twitter profile, you can start locating them!

The Most Recommended Tools for Your Twitter Searching

Finding the influencers manually won’t be effective. Instead take help of the tools available out there who can do this job excellently. Such tools are Follower Wonk, Social Bro,Twellow ,,hashtags and Fakers. And to keep your twitter outreach campaign organized, you may use tools such as Twitter Lists, HootSuite and Buffer.

Once all of the above points are achieved, put to practice the following points:

Author of the above article is an SEO expert working in a leading web development company in Australia. He often shares his piece of knowledge about SEO trends, tips and techniques.

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