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Lenovo Vibe X2: World’s Foremost Tri Layered Smartphone

Lenovo Vibe X2: World’s Foremost Tri Layered Smartphone

Lenovo launched the Vibe X2 last week and has available in the medium-ranged market from Monday onwards, this week only.  First announced at IFA 2014, the Vibe X2 will be exclusively up for sale on Flipkart for 19,999 INR ( Visit link to buy –!ZPNNN ). Smart, classy and innovative Vibe X2 is a great buy for the above price range. Lenovo tries to distinguish the Vibe X2 with the concept of multiple layers out of a single monotonous unibody form factor. The Vibe X2 proudly claims to be the world’s first layered smartphone. The phone’s edges give an impression that several layers have been stacked on each other, although it is just one. It surely is a good deviation from the mainstream as the phone looks pretty different with the three coloured layers – golden, orange and red stacked below the black display panel layer.

Interestingly, you can connect an additional battery back i.e. an added extra layer to get up to 75% more battery life (mega backup). Even better, the Vibe X2 speaker that delivers JBL quality Hi-fi audio can also be connected with ease. Too many layers, but they all sure look handy. Class apart in both designing and specifications that are top-of-the class and this phone has the capabilities of being a complete winner. On the every front and especially with the pricing, the Lenovo Vibe X2 sure looks interesting. Also, the left edge holds the SIM card tray that has both micro and nano SIM card slots. Technical specs are mentioned below.

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Technical Specifications

Lenovo might be new to the smartphone game, but with the Vibe, it is clearly nurturing dreams emerging as a key figure. More importantly, the company is eyeing closely the ever expansive smartphone market in India and has over the past few months released a handsome number of devices that look to turn the tide of things.

Also, the acquisition of Motorola that has pushed it up to the third slot in the top manufacturers of the same in the country. Lenovo mobile India is testing many new features with multiple lucrative options in the pipe, the options that allow the company to stand apart in this crowded Android market and also creating a niche for itself. Guess I’d spend the next paycheck so that I may experience the many multilayered benefits of this phone. Impressive Audio output and enhanced battery backup, it seems pretty interesting. Thinking of the same???

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