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First of all, A big “Thanks” for coming here at About us page of DreamTechie.

Dream Techie is a technology blog; born to bring you all new informative technology articles. Here we are covering trending topics like Blogging, Social Media, Computer tips and tricks, Make Money Online, latest Gadgets, computers and all. We also have dedicated section for How to articles, articles on Android Applications / best online resources and for Software reviews.

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Face Behind DreamTechie.com –

Yogita Aggarwal –  So here I am… I am Yogita Aggarwal also known as Tanya. I used to be an Online Marketing Professional but now I am living my dream life of a passionate pro blogger, social influencer, traveler, fashionista and foodie.

I also help brands in their blogging and content marketing campaigns. I am working in the network of global bloggers and can help you in getting the huge buzz for your products or services.

I like Reading, Tweeting, Shopping & Repeat.

Readers can follow me on social media sites to know ‘How Interesting I am?‘ Visit another venture by Yogita – LetUsPublish.com

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What makes me feel proud

When brands and experts follow me on Twitter.

Whenever I check real time active visitors on my blog with my Google Analytic Android app.

When my articles help others in solving their problem.

Whenever a fellow blogger @Technoratan praise DreamTechie and my work between 300 people on MIC in Indiblogger meets.

Whenever I receive messages and comments like below one –

hello dream techie, i see a future MVP in you. Regards Akshay Bahiram Microsoft Exchange Team pro support

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Anand Singh – Anand is an avid blogger and great friend  for me.  Anand blogs at Esoftload.info. Anand is a multi-talented person; he is a cool web designer and coder, a successful blogger and an experienced online marketing professional.  Follow him on Facebook. More than a colleague to me, he is my best blogging fellow.

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