review: Wastage of time & Money – Major Disappointment

The sea of ecommerce websites is full of fishes, some good and some bad. Today, we review one such bad fish/website and its services. This review is based upon my personal experience about an order.

Global shipping has been a boon for online shoppers everywhere. Unique or regular items from various parts of the world can be at your door step with just few clicks. More and more international ecommerce websites have discovered the scope of Indian markets and happily ship to India.

Some websites stay true to delivery schedule and their product description but some disappoint you. Therefore a  review of such websites become the necessity to judge and learn from other’s experience. Before we jump on our review let’s know a little about the website.

About Dealistry International

The company was established in 1985 and has been boasting a wide range of Unique and special product across 120 countries. There website claims that their consumers get the best deals possible from around the planet and that customer satisfaction is their no. 1 priority.

Here are some of the Products that the website offers:

Makeup Products, Accessories, Photography tools

My Order and review

I excitedly ordered a Mini LED Studio Photo Box, from the website. My job as blogger also includes clicking good picture of products that I review. At $25, the product did seem like a bargain and therefore I readily went for the purchase.

Unfortunately, I can’t review the product for you as I haven’t had the fortune of receiving it. After more than a month and way after the expected time of delivery, the delivery merchant informed me that my shipment has been sent back.  This was informed to me after multiple calls, messages and email to both the website and the delivery merchant.

Well, this is part and parcel of online shopping something might have caused the parcel to return from the mid-way. But then it would have been great on the behalf of the website to inform me the reason for the same or return my queries at least.

And now when I expect my money refund the staff is not taking any responsibility. At this point of time,  I am very disappointed and I wanted to share this review with you too before you make any purchase from this website.

Not even I but there are more people who were cheated by this website, some of them posted on Twitter – 

@sahilbanga – I wish i could have read these tweets before ordering. Ordered from Dealistry and waiting for over 3 months for delivery.

@sab_lee –  Ughh never buy from DEALISTRY! SCAM! ????

@spesalvipl – On 7th Sept. I bought MiniLEDStudioPhotoBox. There is no contact with Dealistry via email and fb. I feel cheated. Order D2281

@EasonJohnathan – People, people “DO NOT” order anything from dealistry “DO NOT” order “ANYTHING” from “DRALISTRY” AT ALL they are fraudulent……….. ‼!!!!!!!!

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