Reasons to Buy Yunicorn Smartphone

Subsidiary company of Micromax Informatics Pvt. Ltd Yunicorn has finally took the curtains off its new smartphone named Yunicorn. Luckily we managed to have a look at this splendid piece of design and technology and believe us, it’s a gem of innovation.

Loaded with a 1.4 GHz processor the smartphone was speculated to be released at a price somewhere close to INR 19,999, but wait we have a box full of surprises. Let us present our 10 reasons why Yunicorn Smartphone can be the best smartphone for gadget lovers  –

YU YUNICORN Specifications

More Offers on Yunicorn-

  • Apart from above specifications, Every YUNICORN user will get 6 month free access to premium Gaana+ services and an unlimited song download.
  • 10% cash back for the SBI card users for the first flash sale
  • UDIO wallet will be loaded with INR 100 after the first transaction, INR 100 in the second month and INR 100 in the third month

Availability: YU YUNICORN will be available exclusively on Flipkart, registrations begin at 2 PM from 31st May 2016. The first sale is scheduled on June 7, 2016, 2 PM onwards.

We presume that the above listed points are sufficient enough to narrate the invincible identity with which this smartphone is coming to your nearest retail outlet.

Share your words for the amazing YU Yunicorn with us though comment section.

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