3 Efficient Techniques To Make Your Product More Desirable in Today’s Competitive Market

It’s the survival of the fittest.

We live in an age where Businesses invest major portion of their capital in Sales and Marketing and customers today have a million variants of the similar product.

So the question is, How to attract the customers towards your product in this competitive environment and make a mark on every day changing market?

First of all, don’t forget you are also a consumer.

Working as a marketing specialist myself, I have come across situations where clients almost dropped the idea to buy the product due to information overload. Marketers forget the fact that boasting about your product and adding new characteristics doesn’t do the job, it’s the perception of the end user that matters.

1. Don’t be Jack of All Trades and Master of None

In our urge to expand the business we end up designing a Marketing campaign aiming to hit the target in the dark. We try to reach as much population as we can which results in high capital expenditure with negligible gains. Analyze your product and research extensively about the potential customers. Invest in a campaign which is designed to focus specifically on the target market and approach it in the most innovative way you can think of.

Remember! The world might appreciate your product but only a portion of it will buy.

2. Utilize F.A.B efficiently

You have a revolutionary product. You want to show the world your new born baby. But if you are not able to present it the right way, it will be nothing more than an idea which will die soon.

F.A.B i.e. Features, Advantages and Benefits, is how you present your product to the world. Unfortunately, Majority of marketers fail to understand that products are made for the customer, not the other way around. The average Joe doesn’t want to know how great your product is but how useful that greatness can prove to him. Be simple in your approach but at the same time concentrate on the crucial details with which your target audience can relate to.

3. Be Flexible and Redesign your Track

Many a times our marketing strategies fail or do not give desired results, however it doesn’t mean we will have to start over. Most of the businesses fail because they spend all their time and energy in designing a lame strategy and blindly following it. Without analyzing the path you can never reach the right destination.

As a result, they reach to a point of no return and are not able to recover. Always be analyzing, every step you take is crucial and at any point you find a loophole, be flexible enough to redesign your track.

At the end I would say, a business is defined by its product and a product’s success depends upon how it is presented. As Steve Jobs once said ‘Customers don’t buy a product because its great but they buy it because it makes their Life great.

-Puneet Malik

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