Benefits of Rooting an Android device

If you are an android user, you must have heard the word ‘rooting’ sometime or another. Either you just ignored it or were too lazy to find out what it is.

Okay, maybe you have some idea!

You may think it’s similar to Apple’s Jailbreaking. Or maybe something like hacking into your device.

So today I am going to explain you what rooting is and share 4 simple benefits of having a rooted device.

First things first, what is Rooting?

‘Rooting’, in simple words, is a process by which one obtains the “superuser” permission for their android devices by breaking into the device (through the software) and tweaking it to gain access to administrative functions (and have some fun).

I’ve had some history with rooting myself. I rooted my first and current android device (Nexus 4) the day I bought it. Yes, it was risky because gaining root access for your device nullifies its warranty, but till the time you know what you are doing, it’s fine. Most of the times it is possible to go back to your stock device, like the way you bought it which included warranty, and mine was a Nexus.

The truth about rooting is that unless you’ve tested it and experienced it, you’ll never know what you were missing the whole time.

First things first, what is Rooting?



1) Increased Battery Life/Processing Power

Every android phone, after a year or so starts to feel slow and laggy. The problem is not with your device but the android ecosystem as whole. Apps get upgraded every day to provide you the latest features and the best user experience, but your hardware remains the same. More and more of CPU, RAM and GPU resources are utilized which leads to excess of battery drainage. This is where rooting comes to rescue. CPU controlling apps like SetCPU helps you to control your CPU clock speed (those things measured in ‘mhz’). Overclocking your CPU will give your better performance but higher battery drainage and vice-versa.

2) Better Backups– With root you can actually backup your device the way it is most useful. Root access enables you to backup apps with their app data where else the normal backups only creates the backup apks. Why more useful? Imagine yourself of having some extraordinary highest scores in games like Temple Run. Something you’d boast around about. Now if you want to factory reset your device for some reason, with root access, apps like Titanium Backup helps to make a ‘complete’ backup, so when you reinstall the game (and your other apps) again, you can start from where you left. No data loss at all.

3) Killing the Bloatware –  Bloatware is the extra features and apps added by the manufacturers to make their UI (user interface) unique. Apparently, they were added to improve your user experience but in simple, they SUCK! (Yea Samsung, You) They drain a lot of battery, consume a lot of memory and cannot even be uninstalled. Only with root access you can uninstall/disable them. Rooting your android helps you to transform it back the stock android, which is what Google wanted android to be like in the first place.


 4) Customization – My favorite part of android. Something you never get with Apple devices. Customizing your devices like a boss. We all know how to change our default launcher, default browser, default icons but did you know you could even change your device fonts and your boot animation (small animation when switching on your device). Further, you can even change your device’s button functionality like using your volume keys to wake your device. Going a bit deeper, it is even possible to add some great extra features to your device like Tap-To-Wake. With this, you can wake up your device by just tapping the screen twice. Android customization world is massive and new things get added every day.Rooting has never been easier. Google and XDA Forums are the best place to find out how to root your device. Try it out and tell us about your experience.

Author bio –  Mayank Jain is new to the blogging world. He reads fiction, plays multiplayer games (pc only) and loves staying indoor. He write regular about Tech, Blogging, SEO and his daily experiences on his blog ‘addictivegeek’.

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