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Today we are here with the interview cum experience of most popular female blogger Jane Sheeba. She is an expert and a motivation for every female blogger.  Lets read about her….Though she is our first female blogger in “Blogger Interview” section, we have some special questions for her.

Please share something about you and your blog? Also share your blogging journey; we are so excited to know about that?!!!

I have a bunch of blogs right now, but I really got into blogging by accident. While I was away from home for the first time in life, I chose blogging to cope with the loneliness. I was doing Ph. D in the UK and that was my first time away from home (and I’m the only daughter to my parents). First I didn’t realize what I was doing online and then after reading a few blogs, I realized the potential of blogging.

Right now I have about 10 authority sites and a bunch of niche sites too. My major sites are Problogging Success, Tech Buzz Online and Jane Sheeba.


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Who are your blogging role models?  And how many hours do you spend on blogging?

Well I don’t have “role models” but I have a lot of blogging pals whom I admire. And each one of them is good at something to appreciate. And if I have to list them all it will take pages.

I spend about 6 hours a day – but I don’t work hours together. I have a very flexible schedule. The max I can work on one sitting is 1.5 hours, not more lol.

What would you do apart from blogging? Tell us your daily routine.

If I’m not blogging, I’d be reading, or doing household or playing with my kid. I do watch TV sparingly.

Do you like shopping like every else lady 😛 ?

I’m not really a great fan of shopping. But I do like to shop for outfits.

What process do you use to edit your work and to ensure if it is free from grammatical errors or not? Any tips for us J

I usually write the content and set it aside. I look at it and proof read/edit it the next day or another day. I don’t write and edit the same day – if I do so, that makes me blind to any mistakes. When I come back to the post another day, I have fresh eyes.

Is it a good idea to choose blogging a full time occupation these days? Please explain.

Yes it is a good idea. But you should have a business and not just a blog. Also you have to make sure your business has started earning consistently before you can make the big decision.

What is the value of SEO and SMO in your blogging journey and which tactic is your favourite one? How social media impact blogging?

SEO is ever changing. The search engines like Google are often changing the rules and releasing updates. However, the basics always remain the same. Write useful and findable content and you should be good.

As to social media, it is a great way to get your word out! If a business is not using social media these days, they’re seriously missing out!

Would you be available for an unknown newbie blogger for any help?

Yes I do help anonymous newbies that contact me for help. As long as they are not asking for something big that demands a lot of time, I usually help them out.

What is your first earning from your blogging? And what is the status of now? Share your top incomes sources.

I guess the first dollar I made is via Adsense. But Adsense is my last resort to blogging income right now. As of now my top earner is affiliate commissions. The other major sources are advertising, my services and my product sales.

According to you – What is the right age of a blog to start earning from that?

I really don’t think it is about the age. It’s all about the attitude and the useful spark of idea you have. If you have a great idea that will be useful to people, sure you can start a business. Age doesn’t matter.

Would you like to give some suggestions to the newbie bloggers like me?

Yes. Just take this wrong notion out of your mind: Don’t start a blog and expect to make money right away. Before you can think about money, you have to think about something to sell. A blog won’t make money by itself. You have to have something to sell. It can be an ad-space or a product or a service. Think business first and build a blog to supplement and market your business.

How can I get in touch with you? Please share your social profiles and contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

I’m available everywhere lol. You can tweet to me @janesheeba or @problogsuccess. I’m also active on Facebook and Google Plus.


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