Check Specifications of One Plus 5T – Nominated for Best Flagship

Should we stop looking at the mobile shops completely? I mean, look at the scenario in the mobile market, every other day, there is a new smartphone hitting the stores. If one has improved the technology, another comes with new and innovative technological features. A gadget freak in me wishes to buy a new phone almost every day.

Alas…it is not possible. We neither have that deep pockets, not we have the capacity to manage 10 smartphones with 20 sim cards, do we? So, do we have an answer to this craving of having all the latest technology plus all the best features on one phone? Well, the answer is, yes. Don’t start jumping. Carry on reading to discover your dream smartphone.

OnePlus 5T – Basics

Launched on November 16, OnePlus 5T could be your dream smartphone, which now allows its users to download Android 8.0 Orea Open Beta version. Inching closer to Vivo’s 24 mp camera phone, OnePlus 5T has improved 20 mp + 20 mp dual cameras. The major improvement is in the display. 5T now has an edge-to-edge 6-inch FHD+ display with reduced bezels and with the aspect ratio of 18:9.

Check Specifications of One Plus 5T - Nominated for Best Flagship

Check Specifications of One Plus 5T – Nominated for Best Flagship

Major specification enhancement

Not many knowing this or concerned but the major improvement in OnePlus 5T is about the chipset. OnePlus 5T has the best possible chipset of 2017, which is accompanied by 8 GB RAM.

Take a look at the major features of the OnePlus 5T and what has changed for good compared to their older model.

Check Specifications of One Plus 5T - Nominated for Best Flagship

Check Specifications of One Plus 5T – Nominated for Best Flagship


  • The basic operating system is Android 7.1.2, which can be updated to Android 8.0 Open Beta
  • Qualcomm has fixed its Snapdragon 835 chipset, supported by 2.45 GHz Kryo and Octa-core processor in alignment with Adreno 540
  • 1080 x 2160 pixelated display has 6.01 inches display that is IPS LCD. The pixel density is 401 ppi pixels.
  • The phone comes with dual camera that is 16 mp + 20 mp primary camera and 16 mp secondary camera with 2160p video resolution at 30fps rate

 One Plus 5T Pros:

  • 20mp + 20mp dual camera
  • Dash Charger to charge phone in quickest time
  • Vivacious 6.01 inches Optic display with 18:9 ratio
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5 with protected display
  • Camera is supported by NFC and EIS features
  • Advanced face recognition for quick access
  • LED-based notification alerts
  • Latest Type-C cable support for USB usage

One Plus 5T Cons:

  • No water resistance; hence less protection
  • Wireless charging option missing
  • Camera requires having optical zoom
  • No stereo speakers for quality sound
  • Night mode camera performance is poor
  • USB 2.0 support instead of USB 3.0

Praising and availability:

There are two variants available for OnePlus 5T. One is 64 GB ROM supported by 6GB ROM, and another is 128 GB ROM supported by 8GB RAM. The former is priced at 33000, while the latter is priced at 38000.


Although it lacks the safety aspect having no water and dust resistant, this is one heck of a smartphone that would arm you with features and easy none could compare in this price range. Cameras are matching with any selfie-obsessed smartphone, while gaming ability surpasses all other phones. So wait for no other piece, since you have all-in-one OnePlus 5T.

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