Steps To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

If you are a Facebookholic, but now you are fed up from fb and want to remove your account permanently, then no need to worry about it because each and every day many of the users are deleting their profiles from Facebook for some reasons. Now follow given some rules and learn how to delete your profile permanently

  • Now visit, submit your email and password and logged into it. Many of the users get frustrated when they forget there login information. Example about “Can’t login” option that is at the bottom of your email and password. Follow some instructions to retain your account information through your provided email.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account permanently


Sooner or later you might need account information such as Contact data, photos and more. So make sure to save the things that can be needed, otherwise you will lose your all information. Make a backup of your data that is important to you.

  • If you want to save any particular data, then you don’t require to make a backup you can simply copy and paste your data into MS word Document and to save pictures just click on the copy button, then paste it into your document
  • If a situation occurs that you want to save huge amount of data, then instead of copy and paste go to Settings Menu, then click on the triangle pointing downward, Then in settings click on the provided option “Download a copy”, Then began to download. For that visit


If you want to hide or delete your previous action on Facebook, Likewise, comments, if they include personal information. Your account will not be deleted in Parallel, but it will take up to 14 days, if you want to delete some special data then you need to do it manually.

  • Your comments will not be deleted that are in your chat box
  • With Activity log you can delete the history. For its access just click the privacy settings and you will find ‘Activity Log’. Click “Activity Log” and finally you will be able to delete the history precisely. For that visit


Delete account page will permanently delete your account, but you will not be able to find it easily. Usually people get Facebook help or they go through search engines because it is not accessed through Facebook generally


After all, a small window will pop up and it will ask us to fill the form in terms of Random letters and image will be given to prove whether we are human or not, then press the okay button for successfully deleting of account.


You have successfully deleted your account now, your account has deactivated immediately, but not deleted permanently. Your friends are not able to find your account on Facebook at the time, but after 14 days you will have lost your account permanently and will not find any data from it. Before 14 days you will be able to restore it

  • Simply if you have thought to use it more, then come back and use it again
  • If you are willing to end it, then no further actions are required you have done your job now just wait for the removal

We suggest you if you are deleting your profile just because of boredom then better to deactivate rather than deleting it. Stay tuned for more interesting & informative blogposts !!

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