GetResponse Marketing Automation Platform Review

GetResponse started in 1997 as an email marketing software provider, and now it currently has around 350,000 customers which are getting dealt by more than 300 staff members. The GetResponse marketing automation platform is specially made for small businesses that want to grow further. By using this platform, you can manage all of your marketing strategies on a single dashboard.

The business of all sizes needs an automated process to optimize their marketing results, generate more profit and increase sales. But marketing automation always seems too complicated and expensive. At GetResponse, it is exactly the opposite. Whether you are big or small, you deserve scalable marketing automation that brings results.

The marketing automation created by GetResponse is based on communication workflows that listen and reacts to your subscribers’ behavior. It is made of filter, conditions, and actions that can be literally arranged like blocks. Customize every aspect of your communication including actions that triggers the process, the number of recipients you want to reach, message timing and also the content you want to deliver. You can trigger a different action or event based on the individual activities and properties of your subscribers. It is easy because all you have to do is drag and drop the specific elements, adjust the details of it and then you join the dots to create a sequence of actions.

GetResponse puts efficient marketing automation within your reach. And that is not just all about this marketing automation platform as you can also address your customers more personally as compared to before.

Assign multiple tags to treat multiple groups of subscribers in their own convenient way. It helps you organize your customers’ list and target audience more precisely. You can also engage with those who have not finished their online purchase, and it helps you win back your lost revenue by sending targeted messages to cart abandoners. It allows you close more sales and get more engage leads with website traffic tracking, engage regular customers, convert casual visitors. Track and analyze the behavior on your website and e-shop. It understands and monitors your subscribers’ interests based on the pages they visit and products they purchase. This allows the app to target them with the following offer. It also allows you to see and reward your loyal customers and also identifies those whose engagement is dropping.

Whether you are big or small, GetResponse helps you save your money and time as well. It also helps you make detailed customer profiles and makes your communication more targeted and profitable.

There are some factors below that helps you trust why you should opt for GetResponse.

It is Affordable

One of the first reasons that you should choose GetResponse is that its pricing is very much decent. Premium features like analytics, split testing and tracking are made available to the users for as low as $15. It also allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to its users with no extra cost added where other platforms charge an extra for it. GetResponse allows new users to start a free trial and if the customer does not like the service they can discontinue. It also allows you some exciting features like a blog to email functionality, split testing, quality analytics, expansive segment options and also auto responding features.

Refer to the image below to check out its detailed pricing structure.

GetResponse Marketing Automation Platform Review

Plus you can save 18% or 30% if you buy it’s 12-months or 24-months plan respectively.

Excellent Autoresponder

The Auto responding functions of GetResponse is very fine. The autoresponders can be triggered by the users just by their mere actions. For example, if someone clicks a link on the existing e-mail, they will get added to a particular group of auto responders by just doing this.

Another example is if someone changes their address in your list they will automatically get added to a specific set of auto respondents. There are a various set of triggers offered by GetResponse that helps to push start a cycle of auto responders; these includes clicks, subscriptions to lists, sites visited, purchases made and much more. It even has a function of triggering an auto response on the birthday of your customer which adds kind of a personal touch.

Marketing Automation

As mentioned in the first paragraph that GetResponse marketing automation feature is excellent and it is very easy and accessible. GetResponse is not just email marketing, it might just seem like an app that sends marketing email but it is much more. There are so many features added to the marketing automation feature of GetResponse and they are the feature that makes it different from others. By keeping in view the auto responders cycle and the flow charts, GetResponse allows you to create users journey. The services they offer is very charming and is almost as good as many big sites besides they are cheaper than those sites.

Simple A/B testing

To improve the conversion, one of the most effective methods is to perform A/B testing on different pages. It helps you to make much better email newsletters that eventually increases your conversion rate. It is referred to as split testing. It also gave you access to handling your test and optimize components of your emails. It allows you to perform split testing into various aspects of aall-to-action, your subject line or your time to send the email.

GetResponse  Tool Review

Responsive Emails

The bonus point about GetResponse is that it allows your users to read your emails without any hurdle or glitch. It is a fact that if your emails are not responsive, you are missing out on a possibility of many conversions. GetResponse makes sure that your email is delivered efficiently and no matter what devices you are using a laptop, an Android phone, or iPhone, the email will be received.

According to a study at GetResponse, you can close more sales by reaching 42% of your new readers and that can only happen if you are responsive. So this is an excellent feature of Getting response and it alone easily makes it stand above all other of its competitors.


GetResponse improves and maximizes the effectiveness of a company’s email campaign at best. It is a site that helps you make crucial and important decisions in minutes, which helps you to save your precious time. We have seen that it is the best when it comes to the pricing strategies and helps you save a lot of money. It also has unique and useful features that no other platform offers. It also has excellent Autoresponders that help you improve auto responding even more. Moreover, it is very simple and easy to use, which means you do not have to struggle much for it to learn.

GetResponse gives you 30 days trial that allows you to test the software yourself for free which is a very nice offer. So, if you can get a free trial with so many great features, you must consider giving it a shot.

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