Best Grammar Check Apps for Android Smartphone

Let’s admit something first, we all don’t want to deal with those complicated grammar rules. We are always hunting for an effortless way to grasp those hellish rules. And, what could be more effortless than using the Android smartphone sitting right inside your pocket?

Just pull it out, open the Google Play Store, and download an app from the below mentioned list of best grammar apps. Now say bye-bye to those embarrassing grammar mistakes in public!

Best few grammar check apps for Android smartphone those can help you in improving and enhancing your English grammatical skills.

Best Grammar Check Apps for Android Smartphone

Practice English Grammar

Best Grammar Apps - Practice English Grammar

This app is for those who want one of the best grammar apps without spending a single penny. After all, who doesn’t like to save a few bucks? Anyway, the Practice English Grammar app is available for free on Google Play Store, and offers a slew of features, games, flash cards, etc. for improving your grammar skills.

While the app and its basic content is available for free, you will have to make in-app purchases if you want to access more content for deeper knowledge. With this app, you will get access to a large number of topics, from which you can choose to study, and later on test your knowledge with specially created tests and quizzes.


English Grammar in Use

Best Grammar Apps - English Grammar in Use

The app has been published by the Cambridge University Press, and it was definitely impossible for us to miss this one out. With a rating of 4.2 stars on the Google Play Store, this app is one of the best Grammar Apps on the Play Store!

The app is based on a book English Grammar In Use by Raymond Murphy, and it is regarded as one of the best books to study intermediate level English grammar. The app has a lot of study material to offer, and the starter pack of 6 units is available for free, and the rest can be purchased from the app itself.


English Grammar BookBest Grammar Apps - English Grammar Book

Going by its name, the app is a little handy book that you can refer to whenever you’re with your grammar errors. The UI of the app is simple to use and you will get answers to your queries just in a few clicks by way of many lessons and quizzes.

And what is the best part about the app? It is available for free and there are no in-app purchases too! All the topics, lessons, and tests are available with the app itself, and you don’t need to pay anything later on to acquire more lessons.


LearnEnglish GrammarBest Grammar Apps - LearnEnglish Grammar

The app from British Council is rated 4.0 on the Play Store, for its easy to navigate UI and properly categorised lessons. The content in this app is divided into four levels from beginner to advanced. You have to clear one at a time to reach the next level, or start directly from your desired level, making it one of the best grammar apps for Android

LearnEnglish Grammar is available for both British and American English, and you can select one according to your choice. The offers a lot of practice lessons and tests with the free version of the app, and you can purchase additional practice questions from within the app.


Grammar UpBest Grammar Apps - Grammar Up

If you are very serious about your grammar and want to improve it by any way possible, then you can go for Grammar Up, the only paid app in our list. It is available for ₹150.99 on the Google Play Store, and it truly justifies its price by offering detailed topics and tests.

For learning grammar rules, you can study the detailed theory in each topic, and then attempting the tests accompanying each topic. There are more than 1800 questions, and when you have mastered all of them, you can jump to the mock tests. These tests cover all the topics and provide you with details about your performance and weaknesses.


Oxford grammar and punctuation – With Oxford grammar and punctuation app, Oxford brings the best in class Grammar checker apps for your android smartphone.

Oxford grammar and punctuation app for android
About Oxford grammar and punctuation app for android – It is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and easy to use grammar learning and checker app for your android smart phone. This app includes varieties of entries that are arranged alphabetically. It helps you in learning each and every grammatical topic very easily with the help of useful illustrations. Check Oxford grammar and punctuation app reviews at download link.


•    Check out more than 250 easily explained grammar questions
•    Get an overview about various grammatical terms.
•    Quick access to answer of any question.
•    Install it on your SD card
•    With History feature, you can easily check last 50 words you have looked up.
•    Widget shows word of the day on your home screen.

Ginger keyboard + page

Get rid with your often grammatical mistakes with this Ginger keyboard + page app. It is one of the best Grammar checker application for Android smart phone in the store.

Ginger Grammar App

About Ginger keyboard + page application – With replacement keyboard and basic word processor, Ginger keyboard + page application takes very good care of your English. Moreover, it also suggests you alternative phrases to make your English more fluent. It comes with a standard QWERTY keyboard which highlights any spelling mistake and correction in the bar. Check review of  Ginger keyboard + page application.


•    Write faster with advanced word prediction and stream
•    Discover alternative ways to write your text with advanced rephrasing
•    Translate your text between more than 40 different languages
•    Contextual synonyms and definitions
•    Easily export your text to any writing or social app
•    With Phrase of the day, get fun tips to spice your English and you can even share it with your friends.

Grammar Checker Academic

Grammar checker academic provides you with quick and easy spelling and grammar reference guide for your Android Smart phone.

Grammar checker academic

About Grammar Checker Academic App – It is basically a grammar checker dictionary that checks your work for you. It has also got very polishing look that simplifies your English learning.

•    Each and every type of tense
•    Everything you need to know on verbs and nouns
•    It also covers different topics like article, clauses, adjectives, adverbs, etc.
•    By changing the settings, it also works as spell checker and grammar checker app for your android smart phone.


Spell Checker PRO

Claimed as Number #1 spell checker for English, Espanol, italiano, etc, Spell checker PRO is a definitive grammar checker app for Android.

Spell checker pro

About Spell checker PRO – The PRO version of spell checker supports many different languages including Ukrainian, Hebrew, Turkish, etc. It has over 20,000 premium users.

•    Input text via voice
•    Long press the search button to open the spell checker right away
•    Free from annoying ads
•    No limit characters
•    Corrects your grammar and spellings in English, Spanish, etc.


Hope you enjoyed the article! Do let us know if you found these apps good for your use.

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