How To Increase Domain Authority?

This time I am here with a blogpost on “How to increase Domain Authority?”. This blog has list of all effective tips to increase DA/PA of a blog.  These days DA is the most important factor to check the quality of particular website in absence of Google Page Rank Updates.  A good DA means the website is quality website and having useful content for readers.


So let’s start with ABC of Domain Authority –

Domain Authority is the measure of power and popularity of a domain. Many search engines use this term to rank WebPages in SERP. It is just like Google PR and Alexa.

DA is the abbreviation of Domain Authority. This metric is introduced by Moz. Domain Authority is highly based on three factors –

  • Domain Age – Old domains are always considered most trustworthy than new.
  • Popularity – Most incoming back links from other WebPages indicate that website is doing great job for its readers.
  • Size – More indexed pages of your website reflects the size of your site and the higher size of domain leads to higher Domain Authority. It is because search engine loves frequently updated sites and quality content

Difference between DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) –

Moz has introduced one more term named Page Authority. The only difference between these two metrics is PA is not site-wide alike DA. Domain authority is a site-wide rank for all the sub domains, pages and root domain. This rank starts from 1 and end on 100.

According to SEO Moz team it is much easier to get DA 20 to 40 as compare to achieve DA between or more than 60 – 80. 

How to check Domain Authority –

There are numerous free tools available on web to check the DA of a blog. The most preferred are –

  • MozBar
  • Open Site Explorer

How to increase Domain authority –

  • Update your blog more frequently.
  • Engage your readers with Engaging content. Make your content linkable.
  • Be active on all your social media profiles. Share your posts on social media sites.
  • Get valuable link backs for your blog. You can do guest contributions for that.
  • Make your website Google Search Friendly, ensure that your technical SEO is in place.
  • Create relevant Internal links for your blog.
  • Clean your link profile time to time.
  • Be patient and wait for your domain to be ‘Older’.

You can also check  this small Slideshare –

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