Huawei Free EarBuds3 launched with noise cancellation For Price 12990

Have you heard about the launch of Huawei Freebuds 3 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds?

Huawei Consumer Business Group announced the launch of this amazing Freebuds on May 13,2020. Not only this, but they also attracted most of the people by launching it with an aggressive price.

To keep up recorded, this is the only active noise cancellation Earbuds in the world, Huawei Freebuds 3 available at the price of INR 12,990 only.

  • You can find it exclusively on Amazon from 20th May. If you are more than excited to buy it, you can push the button of “Notify me” at Amazon.

With Huawei Freebuds 3, you get the Huawei CP61 Wireless charger with the earbuds. Huawei is mainly focusing on delivering quality sound and rolling out with world’s only fit active noise cancellation. For icing on cake, it’s wireless too.

  • Huawei India website has announced to go live with the section of “Notify Me” also providing details of availability and the features of this product.

If you are throbbing to get more details about this amazing product then make sure to follow this post till the end.

Design of Huawei Earbuds3

If there’s something like bewitching gadget then Huawei Earbuds 3 is that. However, FreeBuds3 almost resembles to AirPods which 2019 edition. Although there some of the slight differences which makes them stand apart.

Not only this, but Huawei has opted this time for loose and open fit FreeBuds with the stem being there. However, you can feel the flood of noise but some more focus could have been removed the complaints with noise isolation part.

Also, to activate the pairing mode, there’s a button by the side of charging case.


Tantalising looks, make us to put it right in our ears. You might find it tempting if i tell you that FreeBud 3 doesn’t tends to create a seal in your ear. However, they sound too great to be launching at this price.

Volume pitch is decent beating any other competent behind. Also, you might face struggles to hear low pitched voices in the public area. Adding one point to the list which is better immersion with cost-effective buds giving hard competition to even Urbanista Athens.

Noise Cancellation

Huawei FreeBud is one of the interesting product which is active noise cancellation without any option passive noise cancellation. In simple words, without any sound sealing and creaking ambient sound. However, FreeBud 3s still falls at background sounds as it creates sounds like engines or whirring fans. Now this something bizarre.

Now you might feel light disheartening but it is really amazing at other factors as well.


You free to use this buds with iOS devices but before you do that make sure to set the parameters. As you can easily use noise canceling with Android app.

Your device can easily find the FreeBuds or you have got the the other option of connectivity which is Bluetooth.

If you are using Huawei phone having EMUI 10, then this is a plus point because the buds have a wearing protection as well. Syncing of left and right buds isn’t any trouble.

Also Huawei worked on the dark part of the Earbuds which created trouble in the past version so their customers can enjoy the sound easily.


This FreeBud has the power upto 30mAh along with 410 mAh of charging case. Now this makes it convenient option because it has got four times more charge unlike any other EarBuds.

Apart from that you can enjoy the non-stop fun for four hours with a single charge. Adding more stars to the products here comes the wireless charging option like that of Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Final Thoughts

Although Huawei EarBuds resembles to AirPods but you can’t deny the best of active noise cancellation technology. This EarBuds appeals to those who wants clean and appealing wipe clean pair or the lovers of EarBuds.

One of the main points which can be fogged up is this EarBuds block out the background noise while maintaining decent sound quality. All in all its a best match  for Android users.

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