All you need to know about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is currently one of the most awaited gadgets of 2016. Fans all across the globe are eagerly waiting for the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone. When it comes to Apple, rumors and reports keep on coming and it is very difficult to get an idea as what new will be there in this year’s iPhone. Following the traditions of the past year, it is expected that iPhone 7 will be launched in the month of September (most probable date of launch 12th or 16th Sep).

In this post, we have compiled all the news, rumors and reports which are being circulated on the internet. So, here are all things which you need to know about upcoming Apple iPhone 7.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro/Premium: Three Variants or Two Variants.

Apple started the concept of variants back in the time of iPhone 5 when it came up with iPhone 5S and 5C. Also, if we see the pattern of last few years, Apple is trying to offer different variants to give users an option to choose from. We saw the birth of iPhone 6S Plus last year which is still going strong in the market. If reports are to be believed there are chances that Apple may come up with three variants this year which are Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro/Premium.

However, Evan Blass who is famous for leaking details of the new phones claims that Apple will only launch two variants. Now, whether Apple will go with two variants or three variants is a big question but, it would definitely be exciting to see the third variant.

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32 GB, 64 GB, 256 GB: Change in Storage Variants

Apple has constantly played with the storage variants with each new iPhone. With the launch of iPhone 6, Apple decided to remove the 32 GB variants. Although, rumors on the internet claims that Apple will no longer offer the 16 GB variant in iPhone 7. With 4K Videos becoming more common and need for storage increasing day by day, it seems like a valid and genuine decision. So, it is possible that 32 GB variant iPhone will be the base iPhone this year. With the launch of new iPhone every year, Apple has made it crystal clear that it is not ready to offer a Micro SD card slot.

Although, there is no need to worry as it is possible that Apple will offer a 256 GB variant option in iPhone 7. Now, the big question mark here is whether this 256 GB variant will be available in all three/two variants or only in iPhone 7 Plus/Pro/Premium.

No 3.5 mm Audio Jack: Seriously?

Imagine a phone without a 3.5 mm audio jack. Seems funny, right? Well, this is one of the most circulated leaks on Internet which claims that Apple iPhone 7 will not have any audio jack which will make it even more slim and stylish. However, Apple will not be the first brand to remove the audio jack as Motorola has already done it in their latest Moto Z.

Removal of audio jack implies that charging port will be the only port to be used and there would be some kind of connector which will convert Micro USB port to 3.5 mm port. It will not only enhance the quality of the audio but will also make the phone more slim and beautiful. What if we wish to charge our phone and listen to music at the same time? Well, let’s see what Apple has to offer for this situation.

iPhone 7 LEAK - No Headphone Jack

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Dual Camera Lens: No need of DSLRs

There is no doubt in the fact that iPhone delivers one of the best image quality in the smartphone segment. With each iPhone, the quality of the camera has improved a lot and iPhone 7 will not be an exception. Many leaked videos and images show that the costlier version of iPhone 7 will support a dual camera lens along with Laser Auto Focus.

While these are the major changes which might be featured in iPhone 7, other important specs include a 3 GB RAM, Force Touch Home Button, Stereo Speakers, iOS 10, better battery and better display. With so many leaks and reports coming up every day it gets difficult to choose which one to believe and which one to not. Well, September is not too far and the picture will become much clearer on the day of the event. Till then we can only hope that Apple would come up with something refreshing. Let us know what are you expecting from Apple iPhone 7. You can also check our list of 4GB RAM Smartphones.

Martin Hajek Apple iPhone 7 in pictures Renders and leaked photos gallery

Martin Hajek Apple iPhone 7 in pictures: Renders and leaked photos gallery

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