How to be a Self less Blogger and a Successful One Too

Who is a selfless blogger?

The proper definition of selfless blogger would be – instead of just promoting yourself and your posts – focus on helping other bloggers to reach their goal, sorting their problems, praising their work and sharing their posts.

Every Blogger wants to be successful and earn a lot of money, there is nothing bad in doing that because world runs on the power of money.

Most of the bloggers care about how their website is performing? How much views they have on their post? How much is their conversion ratio? How much their post is being shared? and most important how much money their website is making?

It feels a burden to them to comment on other’s blog or share other’s post. Those who do have a selfish motive expect favour in return.

Does your attitude of focusing on yourself is going to help you to be successful? Ask yourself and you’ll get an answer that it will get you nowhere!

Why you have to change yourself from being selfish to selfless?

Real Relationship: To be frank I must say that we see our competitors as enemies & clients as stuff to be won or loose, instead of growing relationship with them. Cultivating relationship with readers and customer helps a lot in continuous flow of business in a better way. Feedback through the customer helps to analyze the strengths and weakness of your organization, it results in improvement of quality of product and better service to customer which customer expects from all firm.  No business and Organization can grow without building a healthy and interactive relation with customers and peers.

Long term Goal: In starting you’ll get praised and appreciated for your work but when people will realise that you only consider about yourself only then people will start avoiding you and your work. If you have a short term objective for your blog then it is okay but for a long term objective in blogging you have to be generous and selfless in your work.

Builds Trust:  When your readers see you selflessly interacting, promoting and helping others then it shows your concern for others. This helps readers to have trust over you, which is very powerful and valuable tool for any business or trade to grow and expand.

“If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far go together.”

  • Help other bloggers with Good Information: The readers on blogs visit mainly to consume content only. The right approach to be selfless blogger can be posting valuable and useful information with them instead of promoting and selling your product. Sharing any information which adds to their knowledge will tell your readers that you are concerned about their problems and dedicated to solve it. Instead of selling attitude of your product practice knowledge sharing attitude.
  • Follow and Subscribe on related Blogs: Many of bloggers are only interested in increasing their subscription list.  Here comes Newton’s third law: People also expect you to subscribe their newsletter.  It gives them a clear message that you are also interested in useful post, surely there is no harm in praising good work.
  • Guest Post: Guest posting is great source of building healthy and fruitful relation. It gives you an exposure to meet several new and wonderful people. This gives you recognition as an expert writer as readers will see your name on different websites. In this way readers will have more faith in your work and it builds strong bond with your readers. Guest blogging should be done on other related blogs and also allow other wonderful writers to guest post on your blog.
  • Roundup Posts: Round-up post is great way of connecting more writers at same platform. Participating in round-up post tells your interest in the activity that is carried out around you. Round up post create more visibility and traffic than a normal post because of more engagement of writers in a single post. It also is beneficial for the readers as they save lot of time by getting inputs from different experts in single place. They do not have to wander through different websites for getting relevant and useful information.

 Social Media: Social media with its fascinating no. of users is a great platform where you can represent yourself as selfless blogger. Sharing a post on social media ensures that the post has a good reach and exposure.

As a blogger you must have several social media profiles with huge followers of your post. Sharing other’s blog-post shows your nature of favouring and supporting good post. It is said “sharing is caring”. In this way your followers will also get some new and interesting facts and tips. Other bloggers will remember you for your social media marketing support and return the favour.

  • Mention related Posts in your Articles: Many bloggers have a misconception that giving link to other blog in own post may harm their ranking, traffic and credibility. Linking out other blogs in your post uplift active and positive participation in a manner.  Adding links to your blog gives reward to hard work and effort made by other bloggers. Also you have to accept the fact that a single website cannot provide any user all the required information they are seeking, so it is always advised. All the top websites also have several links to other websites, which completes the information.
  • Comment on other Blogs: Commenting on other’s blog is best and fastest way to create relationship with other bloggers. Regular comments on different websites get noticed by the site administrators, co-bloggers and readers. In this way you are able to make your presence on more websites. Every comment which adds value and knowledge is appreciated. The comments should not be of single line stating- thanks for sharing.  It is very essential in relationship building with other bloggers for long term objective.
  • Publish Interviews of other Bloggers on your Blog: Interview is great source of content that provides useful information in a different manner.  Conducting and publishing Interview improves your social and blogging skills and also builds a strong connection with other blogger. Readers get quality content from the Interview and there is much interactive and positive response from audience. Publishing Interview of other bloggers shows your behaviour of taking responsibility to keep them updated about relevant and related contact.

blogger interview

  • Feature other blogs on your Newsletter: It is responsibility of blogger to send regular newsletter to its subscribers about new content and update because the readers of your post subscribe just only to get quality content. If they don’t receive newsletter regularly then it will be very disappointing for them. Adding a link to other bloggers on your newsletter please your readers as well as bloggers in a way. If you have included other blogs on your post then you must mention in your newsletter also.

We see many bloggers doing blogging whose lots of action carried out to increase traffic, increase conversion and increase earning. If you are having these aims then it is time to stop right there, rethink and change your strategy. Because it is fact that only a few of blogs will only be successful and achieve their objective.  If you have been doing selfless blogging for a long time then at the end of day you’ll surely be successful, because of your trustworthy, selfless nature and real connection with your influencers.

What do you think selfless blogging helps you to achieve your goals or not?

Feel free to share your views with us.

Contributed by –  Saurav – a full time professional blogger and a social media expert. Connect with me on Twitter and Linkedin.

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