Top 10 Social Media Tools That Will Take Your Website To Next Level

The social media has become a prominent platform to get some really good business. And business owners are now actually understanding the value of social media marketing and they are extending their marketing budget towards the online social media marketing.

Be it a small or a big organization, every business is leveraging the social media platform to market services & products; as well as to accelerate the web traffic towards the website. Social Media sites offer the nice place to build a brand image and strengthen the foothold in the digital marketplace.


According to data, it has been found that among billions of subscribers, millions of the users daily access the social networking websites. This number is growing at a faster pace which inspires many established businesses and start-ups to deploy or to invest in the social media marketing. In order to help these businesses, this blog covers a list of 10 best social media tools that can prolifically automate the some parts of marketing campaign.

Let’s Have A Glance Below To Know More About Tools        

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a feature-rich tool that comes with superb functionality. This tool enables the users to schedule the publishing of the post on different platforms including Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms, so that the marketers can easily get the attention of the potential audience because every user log in to the social media account at a particular time.

Moreover, it also simplifies the way to share the content on different social networking sites at the utmost ease. It provides an option through which you can add a desirable content to the queue (it is place where Buffer maintains the content).

For example, suppose you are are reading a post on Better Graph and you find that the content is valuable to share with your friends. For that, when you press any social media button like Twitter or Facebook, the Buffer button will be displayed. This allows you to add the content to the queue.

HootSuite can be the another alternative of Buffer.

  1. Kingsumo Headlines

Headlines are the key to direct the attention of the readers towards the content. And, Kingsumo Headlines is a tool that is developed to be compatible with WordPress and is used to improve the title. This plugin can only be installed on the WordPress websites. It allows the editor to input different titles and corresponding to the title it shows the value in percentage. The title which features higher percentage ensures better web traffic towards the post.

According to the report, it has been found that the best title can improve the possibility of gaining attention by 50%.

  1. Canva

The content that features images get more users’ engagement and this trend will never stop. In today’s fast growing competition, it is not easy for the business players to come up with the better themes and images every time. Therefore, Canva can be helpful.

Canva is a tool that empowers the users to create theme and images according to their post. This tool provides a set of multifarious templates that the user can select in order to craft better image and theme in a minimum time. This is a cost-effective approach.

  1. Edgar

Edgar is a superbly designed application that helps you schedule as well as repost the content. It comes with an option to define different categories (that comprises rules for publishing the content). In the category, you have to add your content. On basis of the categories, the content are uploaded on the social media by this application if all the posts are updated, then this application restarts the process of publishing the content again.

The major advantage of the application is, here it is easy to maintain the post. Secondly, it just halves the tedious efforts in finding and re-sharing the post manually.  

  1. Post Planner

Post Planner is designed to work with Facebook account. It comes with a spectrum of amazing features that empower the users to go beyond the boundaries in terms of boosting the business. This application features various function like:

  1. Schedule Post: This feature lets the users to set the timing according to which the content will be posted.  This feature is even provided by Facebook Page manger.
  1. Content For Specific Audience: With the help of this application, the users can publish the content that only the specific audience can view.
  1. Trends Analysis: Post Planner comes with a feature that eases the way to analyze the trending content, so that you can share the valuable posts for gaining attention easily.
  1. Repost: This feature enables the marketers to re-share the content without experiencing any headache of finding the older post manually.
  1. Tagboard

Tagboard is a user-friendly application, where you can analyze the mentions of different social networks like Twitter and Instagram. This platform just asks for the hashtag and the keyword. After pressing the search button, it will showcase different posts from Twitter and Instagram that are associated with the ‘Mentions’ in the grid layout. In this way, you can find the audience of your niche and engage with them easily. This tool can also be used to monitor the brand keyword.

  1. Circloscope

Circloscope is specially designed to work on Google +. This application eases the way for the marketers to share the content in different circles. Moreover, this tool has the capability to analyze the most and the least active member on Google+. Moreover, it also eases the way to add the visitor, who has already read the specific post. Circloscope comes with amazing graphics support that simplifies the way for the marketer to instantly have an insight of frequency of visitors.

  1. Viralheat

Viralheat is a powerful social media tool that has been designed to empower the marketers to analyze the ranking of their post by monitoring the visitor’s engagement with the content. The users can use the Viralheat to identify their potential followers, so that they can engage with the followers at ease.  

  1. Onalytica

Onalytica is the finest tool that finds the interested readers for your content. It basically scans the content and it theme. On the basis of scanning, it showcases the list of influencers, who will enjoy your content, so that you can follow those people. Here, you just need to upload the content and mention the URL of the blog. Within a minute, it will return the array of influencer.

  1. Quill Engage

Quill Engage is ready-to-go analytics tool that basically scans the Google Analytics account and on the basis of the study, it presents the result in simple-to-understand manner in plain English. This application empowers the users to customize the report in a desirable format.

Hopefully, this list of social media tools will help you to find the suitable one so that you can push your marketing campaign prolifically.

Contributed By – The above write-up is contributed by Ritu Singh. She is a digital marketing specialist and working at BetterGraph from many years.

If any of the imperatives is missed in above read, then you are most welcome to share your favorite one with the comment section given below. We will love to hear your valuable thoughts.


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    • Yogita aka Tanya

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