Why Your Online Business Needs an Active Twitter Account

Social media is definitely on the rise and with its increasing popularity; companies have singled it out as the most effective way of promoting their brands, new products and engaging new customers. For quite some time now, Facebook has been the most popular social media platform among online marketers, with many associating twitter as a platform for the masses to post minutiae on the daily lives for no discernible benefit.

But this is no longer the case; with over 200 million users, twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks. It has developed into an extremely useful informative tool to help business ventures gain some traction in the increasingly cluttered internet information superhighway.

So why should you invest your time and resources on twitter when you are already content with keeping up to date with your friends on Facebook? Well, here are 7 reasons why.

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1. Easy real time communication with potential and existing clients

Twitter offers a convenient environment for developing excellent customer relations through direct communication. When a client asks for information from a company, they usually expect a quick response, something that twitter easily facilitates. Fast responses build up our credibility and create trust.

Both clients and marketers like using twitter for direct communication because it offers a two way benefit; the client quickly gets the information and you can easily learn from the problems and what their needs are.

2. You get to know what position your business is at in the industry

Twitter offers a number of search running tools such as Tweetdeck that allow you to monitor what everyone other is saying about your brand. The tool lets you see every tweet that mentions your brand under its #tag. This provides you with a unique opportunity to either engage with them or apply the valuable business lessons you will get from your interaction.

3. An easy way to get fresh industry news and trends

One of the greatest benefits of twitter is that you can almost always be sure that the material you read is totally user generated. It can therefore be a treasure trove of all the information on the internet that you may not have the time to look for. But by making careful choices on whom to follow, you can get industry leaders direct to new articles and resources that are relevant to your business.

4. Great for building SEO backlinks

Each time you post fresh content on your businesses website or blog (blog posts, images or videos), twitter allows you to tweet the link with a short, snappy outline of what the post all about. This means that your targeted users are not only very likely to read our content, but also re-tweet the links or re-post them on their blogs thereby increasing the number of high quality back-links to your business website. But you have to ensure that the demographic of your twitter followers is relevant and interested in what you are posting.

5. Spy on your competition

With twitter, it is very easy to find out how well your competitors are doing, what they are doing and whether their customers are happy with their current business strategy. These lessons are invaluable for your business especially, if you are just starting out as you will only have to avoid the pitfalls that your competition is falling into and emulate their best practices.

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6. Make it an integral part of your product launch or promotions

Suppose you want to launch a brand new product or service for your company. Twitter is a great tool for letting out the word to the masses. A series of well-timed tweets can help generate buzz and get people talking about your brand. At the same time, you will be providing vital information about your products or services and establishing trust with your followers.

You can also tweet about new discounts and coupon codes to help give your company that extra boost. People love these deals and making such offerings a few times a year is a great way to get people talking about your business.

7. Twitter is viral

If you have been using twitter for some time, then you probably know how fast something can go viral as long as it generates interest among “tweets”. Your future business strategies should always aim at generating this level of interest. Prominent companies such as dell have succeeded in making their tweets viral with their promotional tweets.

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