10 Popular Chinese Smartphone Brands in India 2018

Gone are the days when a Chinese phone meant a cheap device with sub-standard features and shorter life. The modern Chinese smartphones give a tough competition to the global brands and sometimes give a run for their money.

The budget and mid-range segment are majorly captured by the Chinese brands that offer a lot of great features at a fraction of the price other brands offer.

 10 popular Chinese smartphone brands in India.


The Chinese conglomerate tried jumping into the smartphone business while it was shipping millions of PCs worldwide. Lenovo smartphones became hit in India for their budget approach and better value for money devices. Motorola’s acquisition made their position even stronger in the country, as Lenovo retained the brand value of Moto.


Xiaomi is one of the most successful Chinese smartphone makers in India. Each time the company launches a new smartphone in the country, it creates a new sales record. And all this has been achieved within a few years of launching their first phone in India. Though, people still complain about their flash sales method.


OnePlus is probably the only Chinese smartphone maker that has given the biggies a run for their money. The company calls its smartphones flagship killer and the devices have always proved to be one. The recently announced OnePlus 3T is a proof that the company is in no mood to stay behind the competition.


LeEco is one of the few Chinese manufacturers that is trying to make its smartphones really smart. Besides developing the hardware and the OS over Android, the company also provides a host of add-on services that further enhance the user experience. All the phones from LeEco give a great value for money too.


Just like most of the Chinese manufacturers, Gionee too focused on budget offerings and became an instant hit. The company focuses on the build quality to stand out from the rest and it also has a rich UI in their smartphones. Gionee sells smartphones in India starting from as low as ₹6,000 and going up to ₹35,000.


While most of the Chinese companies are choosing the online medium for their sales, Vivo went offbeat to sell their phones offline in physical stores. This gave Vivo a bigger market share as it covered more population with deeper reach in the market. Vivo also sponsored the Indian Premier League, which reaffirms the company’s success in India.


Huawei has been in India for a long time, and it was majorly known for its network equipment. It was quite recently that the company launched its smartphone range and became successful, just like other businesses the company invested in. The company has a handful of series of smartphones, but Honor has been the most popular of them all.


Ever since the company launched a smartphone with rotating camera back in 2013, there was no turning back for it. Like any other Chinese brand, Oppo has a range of smartphones in every price range. It has also launched a handful of smartphones in the upper mid-range segment and the devices are well received by the customers.


Coolpad disrupted the budget smartphone segment a few months ago by launching two feature-packed smartphones for a price below Rs. 9000. Coolpad brought the perfect smartphone recipe in the market and became an instant hit. Both reviewers and the consumers have given their devices a thumbs-up for providing great value for money.


Seemingly inspired by Apple iPhones, Meizu’s smartphones are one of the best lookers in the industry, so is their user interface. In India, Meizu is doing fairly well in the budget segment and is yet to tap the mid-range segment. The company is on the way of making a big name in the country.

Do share which one is your fav. smartphone brand from China?? We will be happy to hear your views about the mentioned brands.

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