How to extend your smartphone Life with 5 simple steps

Your smart phone is the dearest asset you may possess. In today’s world, it is the guide to our everyday lives. Without a smart phone, life seems isolated and miserable. You may not be able to chat with friends, gain necessary information related to work or study and neither can you have fun watching videos on the same. However, whenever you purchase a new smart phone, do you take as much care of it as required?

You may be thinking that screen guards and covers are all that is required to do so and may answer in the affirmative. But, think again! Does your device require regular updates as its functioning is hampered from time to time? Or do you pay a monthly rental for the same? Or more importantly, do you just change your device?

Purchasing a new smart phone is a good choice but only for some who can afford the same. For them too, it can be a task to be done every now and then. It can become tiresome and burn a hole to your pockets as you would always want to purchase the one with the latest technology, features and also a reliable brand.

So, what to do if you wish to avoid such unwanted expenses on regular upgrades or on changing your device again and again?

Here are a few tips that you should follow in order to elongate your smart phone’s life:

  1. Delete unnecessary apps and photos:

Every smart phone user may receive or download images on their smart phone that are of no use to them after a certain time period. These may have been automatically or manually downloaded from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. Most of these photos and videos lose significance with time. Same thing applies to any application. For example, if you thought that you need to start writing diaries and downloaded an app for the same but now if you are not using it, you need to delete the same. There may be many such applications like those that help you to keep tab on your monthly expenses but you are not logging in the data regularly in it.

If some images and videos are very important, you can transfer them on a laptop and delete them from your phone to ensure faster speed.

  1. Give it some rest:

Well! You may have never switched off your smart phone in months. You do not do so with any other electronic device as every device needs some time off. Switch off your phone for a few minutes every week so that it can also run efficiently with an extended life.

  1. Charge your battery at the correct time:

Do not wait for your battery to drain out to charge it back. Charge your phone more often so that your phone will retain the power to hold the charge. This will ensure good battery life and thus, extend the life of your smart phone as well.

  1. Do not jog or exercise with your phone in your pocket:

Your smart phone can be damaged if you keep it in your pocket and exercise. There may be water damage due to all the sweating that you may have while exercising. So, do not keep the phone in your pocket even if you are using some apps to guide you in your exercise routine.

  1. Beware of viruses:

Do not download any application that seems suspicious or dangerous to you. Always check the reviews of such applications. Viruses can play havoc with a phone’s life and in case you accidentally face some problems after you have downloaded an app, you need to delete it immediately.

So, follow all these tips to make your smart phone function efficiently for a longer period of time along with protecting it from the outside with a good case and a screen guard.

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