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Blogging may seem a very monotonous activity.  Most of us are so busy in our daily professional and personal routine that it seems what is there left to write about? One may think that it is only writers who have a web of thoughts in their minds because it is their job to write about things that they see around them.

But, if you just look around you, every life, every person you meet, movies you watch, songs that touch that chord in your heart: are these not special enough to write about?


Ok! You may be a very introvert person and may not be comfortable to share your personal likes and dislikes with people but are you interested in anything happening around? Political occurrences, business meets some other such serious stuff? Are these serious interests just to form some opinion about and shape your life goals? Well! If they are limited to these, try to stretch your limits!

You may ask me how and I can give you a very simple solution: write, blog, inspire, discuss and form the thought processes in this world that so affect you even in your personal lives.

Blogging is not something that can be limited as just a hobby. If you try to delve into it, you will definitely recognize the wide world of blogging that there is to unveil. Blogs that you write can play an important part to define you, your thought processes and somewhere down the line, they define you as an individual.

Let’s look at the different kinds of blogs that you can choose to write about and find peace and solace with the interests and the kind of person you are!

  1. Entertainment blogs:

If you are a movie freak, this is your genre of blogs. In movies too, you may be interested to write on different genres of the upcoming and new flicks, so, sort them accordingly and write. You can write reviews, about your favourite stars, their personal lives, their soul mates etc. One perfect example is mine LetUsPublish.com

  1. Recipe blogs:

Do you love trying out different combinations to make a chocolate cake or anything traditional? If you are innovative at making or baking delicious eateries, share your recipes with the virtual audience! Believe me, it will definitely enhance your cooking skills and encourage you further to try out and invent new recipes. One perfect example is NishaMadulika.com

  1. Political/Eonomic Blogs:

Those who are into tracking all the business news, mergers, and acquisitions of reputed companies can write blogs related to business. You can share your views and find similar people, who have a strong sense of how a particular business decision by the government can affect the economy on the whole. Similarly any political happening that may affect the economy like the recent demonetisation is a good topic to write about in order to have some idea of the larger world opinion.

  1. Technological Blogs:

Write on the latest smart phone, iPhone or any new feature that has been introduces in any technical device if you follow the latest launches in the sector. It can be really self-satisfying and open opportunities for you if you get a chance to interact with people in the virtual world who may require such information or might ask for your guidance while choosing any device.

  1. Lifestyle & fashion blogs:

If you track everything that happens in the entertainment industry, even things that may seem too small like which celebrity wears what, you can still be a beaming lifestyle blogger. The specialty about lifestyle blogs is that they are a source of entertainment for the people and provide them respite from the daily grind! So, you can garner more viewership on your blogs by writing such blogs.

  1. Travel blogs:

Traveling is the dearest passion that you cannot live without. Do you not want to share your experiences in different places, its culture and traditions and the way that the people live there with others?

You can easily add value to your journey by recording them in travelogues that you may write in your blogs! You may also want to share travel tips to particular places that will benefit the people.

  1. Parenting blogs:

Parenting is the newest genre that has now-a-day developed. You can blog about your experiences as a new parent, the problems that you face with your children of any age and seek solutions with the fellow parents by such means.

  1. Personal blogs:

If all these are not enough, then I would say that even your own life can be a story and you can share some of the events of your life that you think are affecting the world as well. For eg, if you are visiting a trade fair, write your personal experiences about them. It is definitely not necessary to share each and every detail but write only things that are relevant to others.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into this irresistible world of blogging because once you start writing, you may not wanna stop!




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