10 Reasons To Buy iPhone SE

Finally the wait is over for all the iPhone fans, iPhone recently launched the new iPhone Special Edition, and it has got many mixed reviews. The brand iPhone SE is a powerful phone and will remind you of iPhone 5s, and the best thing that iPhone lovers will enjoy is the size of the phone. Finally a phone which is compact and small, else these days all the mobile companies are designing phones which are huge and size of a tablet.

Thanks to iPhone SE makers for bringing back the unique 4 inch phone, which would fit perfectly in your hands as well as snuggle into the pocket of your jeans.

I call iPhone SE a ‘Chhota Packet mein Bada Dhamaka’ and would definitely recommend it to folks who aren’t a fan of big size phones. I find loads of positive reasons to buy this phone, and so here is my take- the top 10 reasons to invest your money in iPhone SE.

Take a look and book your new iPhone immediately, which is releasing in India by the first week of April at a price Rs.39,000 (16GB) and in the US it is available on March 31, yet you can pre-book your iPhone SE at the cost of $399.

iPhone SE Colors and reasons to buy

  1. Amazing Processor:

The brand new iPhone SE has a fast A9 processor, with 2GB RAM. Also it supports the WiFi standards and faster LTE. The iPhone SE has the latest version of iOS 9.3 and functions amazingly faster with multitasking. Basically, the iPhone makers have made the iPhone SE just like our lives-faster and quicker. Yes, your pages would get loaded faster, you can play your games at supersonic speed. What more you need? Though the phone is compact the speed is fabulous and worth investing in.

  1. Great Camera:

Many believe the iPhone SE camera pixels are similar to the iPhone 5s, but the new iPhone provides 12mp iSight camera and 1.2 megapixel front face camera with a developed feature of retina flash, which would add extra brightness to your clicks. Also you can take a panoramic view up to 63 mp, and the best thing is that the SE camera it has an eye of an eagle and focuses every minute detail. Yes, maybe it is not a selfie phone due to 1.2 mp front camera, but it is brand iPhone which has iSight camera and is totally impressive.

  1. Great Battery Life:

The rose gold iPhone SE comes in the same battery size of 1624 mAh, but compared to the previous models, the SE stands tall and has much longer battery life. The Apple makers assure that the new SE can last 12-13 hours of internet use as well as 10 days of standby time, and the phone battery life is just what the makers claim. It can stand for longer hours, also as the screen inch is 4 inches, it would definitely have longer duration compared to the bigger iPhone 6 and 6s.  Read how to increase iPhone battery life.

  1. No 3D Touch but does that matter:

Yes, the new SE does not support the 3D touch in the display, but that wouldn’t stop you from using the ace features of Apple OS. The pressure sensitive feature is a luxurious app, which is available in the other previous models, but it isn’t a disheartening matter, you wouldn’t be called outdated folks. Infact many iPhone users hardly use the 3D touch. So, don’t take it as a cons of iPhone SE, you can definitely manage without 3D touch. If SE is going to be your new Apple phone, then the 3D touch wouldn’t matter you at all.


  1. Cool Software:

There isn’t a big surprise in the new SE software, but when you buy SE, you would find apps such as Apple Pay, Touch ID, Live Photos are readily available on the iPhone SE. The interesting feature of the phone is the Night Shift feature, that automatically changes the screen color at night thus reducing your eye strain. Also the existing features of Apple are amazing, so you would have no qualms with the new SE software. Hence if your worry is about the software, you can relax and immediately buy the cool, smart iPhone SE, trust me it would be worth the money.

  1. Great Price Value:

The brand iPhone brings a huge hole in the pocket but it is worth the money, yet iPhone SE is at the price Rs.39000 and I guess it is the cheapest iPhone when compared to the older phones. When you see the price in dollars, the 16GB model comes at $399 which is relatively cheap, and if you have relatives or friends in the US, you can easily get an iPhone SE at a price which is wow. I would say it is a great price value in concern with the features, fast processor and compact look. So, what is the wait for? Prebook your new SE right away.

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  1. The Comeback of Compactness:

This is the best thing I like about iPhone SE- it is compact. As, I had already mentioned, the phone would remind you of iPhone 5s due to its look and size, but I feel after selling 30 million iPhone 5s, the makers understood that people prefer compact and small phone. However in the era of phablet (huge size phone), many would find it difficult to switch back to the smaller screen iPhone yet I believe many would even thank Apple to bring back the compact look.

  1. Light Weight:

In comparison to iPhone 6 and 6s, the phone is compact and light in weight too. Where iPhone 6 weighed 129 grams and 6s is 143 grams, SE would be a total surprise with a weight of 113 grams. After the huge and heavy 6s, SE weight is something to look for. You wouldn’t find it heavy when you keep it in your pocket or bag also you would feel, you are using a phone and not tablet.

  1. Amazing Hardware:

The look of the iPhone SE is fabulous, unlike 6s, the phone is compact and has symmetrical designs. Also the SE comes sans antenna and bulges which would enhance the look of the phone. The makers of Apple have given a matte finish to the chambers hence it would last long.

  1. The Brand Name:

Owning Apple phone is a way to pamper yourself. The brand name carries a value and is definitely worth your hard earned money. Being one of the world’s best phone with smarter OS, buying an iPhone SE at the price which Apple never had sold any of its mobile, is a great catch. I would definitely recommend this phone to those who are a huge fan of iPhone mobiles but restricted themselves with the price.

I would say if you are looking for a new phone go for iPhone SE, it wouldn’t disappoint you at all. It has the body of iPhone 5s but the brains and soul of iPhone 6s. So buddies go for it, order your brand new iPhone and yes share in your comments and views about the new iPhone SE with us.

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