Mi max 2 specifications you must know before buying

With new phones coming out almost every month with newer and more powerful specifications, it has become a herculean task to look for the perfect phone to buy. While a ‘perfect smart phone’ is yet to be developed, the Mi Max 2 is quite close to becoming nominated to this title.


Mi Max 2 Specifications

Here are some of the astonishing features of the Mi Max 2

Bigger screen size

The Mi Max 2 comes with a 16.4 cm or a 6.44 inches immersive screen display. Bigger screen equals better gaming experience and better movie watching experience on your Mi Max 2! The Mi Max 2 comes into the category of a smaller size phablet, which has become increasingly popular amongst users. However, despite the size of the phone, users can hold it comfortably with one hand.

Better Battery

A groundbreaking battery of 5300 mAh powers the Mi Max 2! It is the biggest battery created by Mi till date. A more powerful battery means users can enjoy up to 2 days of powerful battery life on regular usage.

Powerful processor

The Mi Max 2 comes with the ‘625 Snapdragon processor’, a 4 GB RAM and in built with android 7.0 Nougat and a 64 GB internal memory! That is quite a deadly combination for a phone in its price range. Users can enjoy the latest version of the Android operating system while enjoying high processing speeds due to its multiple cores. No more worries about overheating and draining your battery too quickly!

Split screen mode

One of the few phones in its price range to show off this feature, the Mi Max 2 allows users to enjoy the benefits of split screen usage on their phones. This means that you can watch a video and have a chat at the same time, on the same screen. There will be no disruptions in any of the apps that you are using, allowing you seamless usage of both screens at the same time. An extremely important tool for all the multitaskers out there!

Impressive camera snaps

The Mi Max 2 is equipped with a 12 MP back camera and an Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor in its front camera. Users can click DSLR quality pictures with the amazing camera quality on the Mi Max 2. The in-built graphics card makes up for the large screen size, never compromising on amazing display quality on the Mi Max 2. With a full HD screen resolution and 344 ppi, Mi Max 2 guarantees you the best quality display you can hope for.

Octa core processor

The powerful processor ensures that you never face any multi tasking and multi processing issues when using the Mi Max 2. Enjoy high quality gaming experience on your Mi Max 2 with its amazing octa core processor.

Dual speakers

When in landscape mode, you can enjoy the immersive dual speaker audio system with stereo effect. Your video and movie watching experience has never been better than with the Mi Max 2.

Touch and feel

The full metal unibody gives users a luxurious feel when holding your new Mi Max 2. The finger print sensor is located at the back of the phone, allowing users to enjoy one touch unlocking of their phones with no hassle.

Overall, the Mi Max 2 is undoubtedly a big package deal. With the mind blowing specifications offered by the Mi Max 2, it is definitely worth a buy for a phone in its price range. The larger than before features like battery, display and processor is enough to lure any customer to its way.

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