What Is Apple’s Best Gadget of 2013?

Apple’s yearly announcements of new products always cause some excitement in the tech industry, and 2013’s new gear has been no exception. While in previous years we got a new iPhone and a new iPad to talk about, in 2013 Apple decided to spoil us with two new phones and new incarnations of both the iPad and the iPad Mini. But if you are trying to decide which of Apple’s latest gadgets you want to cover, it can be a tough choice – after all, owning all of them would just be greedy!

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The iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C  was the first ever ‘entry level’ iPhone, and is designed to have mass appeal. With all those different coloured shells, it harks back to the days of the iPod Nano, and is sure to appeal to both the teen market and people who have always wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to pay top dollar for the privilege. It is a good looking phone that really has changed the game in terms of how people might view Apple as a company. While their products have always been regarded as top quality but at a premium price, this mid priced device makes an iPhone a more accessible prospect, and this is going to have a big effect on sales in developing countries like China and India where Apple are currently hugely outsold by rival companies with Android handsets.

If you are looking for a new phone that looks great and gives you all of the benefits of the App Store, then the 5C is a fantastic gadget to own. It may not have the bells and whistles of its big brother, the 5S, but it is a really good investment.

The iPhone 5S

The flagship iPhone now comes to us with a sapphire based fingerprint scanner, as well as some nice new camera features. It also looks really good, and if you want, comes in a very ‘blingy’ gold and white colour scheme. This really is still the fanciest phone money can buy, and while you may be tempted by the cheap and cheerful 5C, this really is the ‘daddy’ of iPhones.

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The Retina Display iPad Mini

The iPad Mini was the perfect bridge between your phone and your laptop or full scale tablet. Small enough to be portable, and big enough to enjoy all your video media and books on, this iPad slayed competition from the Kindle and launched a whole new genre of gadget – the mid sized tablet. However, there was one thing missing. Why didn’t they make an iPad Mini with the same excellent ‘Retina’ display that was featured on the iPad 4, the latest generations of iPhones and the MacBook Pro? This was addressed this year with the new Retina Display iPad Mini, and it really is a great device. If you want something that is portable and fun to use, and has a beautiful screen, then this really is the gadget to choose.

The iPad Air

In addition to launching the new iPad Mini with Retina Display, Apple also brought out a new version of the full sized iPad. 20% lighter than the iPad 4, and with much of its styling based on the Mini, the iPad Air is designed to give you that full screen look without the bulk. The weight loss is significant, and most people who have tested an iPad Air have found it to be almost ghostly in its lightness, but there is still all of the substantial functionality that made the original iPad such a game changer in the tech market. The one criticism a lot of tech writers have found with it is that with so many free apps offered by Apple now, it is almost worthless to buy the entry level 16GB model – it can’t tolerate all of those free apps, let alone the stuff you’ll want to put on it and your media library.

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Look After Your Gadgets

Whether you invest in any or all of these devices or even have Santa drop them down your chimney, it is well worth insuring them. A good policy like gadget insurance from Protect Your Bubble will make sure that at home or abroad, or out on the road, your new Apple gadgets are covered against theft, loss or damage. It may seem like you have everything covered with your home insurance, but home insurance often simply isn’t designed to look after portable tech devices.

Which of Apple’s 2013 releases is the best is a matter for debate. All of these products are really good and you are unlikely to be disappointed with whichever you choose. However, it does make a lot of sense to make sure you have good insurance coverage for all your expensive technology, just to avoid any future heartbreak!

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