10 Ways to Use SEM Rush to Improve Blog Traffic

A blog with lots of earnings due to increasing numbers of page views and visitors will indeed make you very proud of owning it. Isn’t it? However, getting traffic on your new blog is not easy, you have to use many tools and services to make your blog better.

SEM Rush is one such great tool that will help you learn more about competitors research, shows their traffic from organic search and ads keywords. Using all these data, you can create your own strategy and increase your blog’s traffic.

Ok, we have talked too much about SEM Rush. Now, time to check how to Use SEM Rush to Improve Blog Traffic. We have listed 10 ways in this article that are ensured to increase your blog traffic.

SEM Rush Review

  1. Become a Digital Marketer with SEMrush

SEMRush is quite an important tool for the detailed needs of your website, like whether it is the matter of doing keyword research, keyword tracking, backlinks audit, site audits, doing advertising research for PPC campaign, social media analysis etc.

In short, it is packed with different features to give you an edge over others.

  1. Specify the Niche which you want to Work On

It will be comparably easy for you to work on the “niche” which is narrowed down by you with respect to the similar prevailing niches. As those “likewise” niches will potentially assist you towards generating lots of traffic. This is where SEM Rush can come handy.

  1. Google Search

Keywords are those “major” criteria which help your blog reach to the top pages of Google. Your choice of getting the most appropriate keyword will help your blog or I should say “the specific post” reaches the initial pages of Google and you never know when it might even reach the first page and likewise even amongst the top 3 too.

Know Your Keywords with SEM Rush

  1. Know your Competitors

In a business, if you want to know the place where you actually stand, then the best way of knwoing it, is to look at your competitors. Hence, through SEMrush, you can enter the certain website of your choice (which you consider it to be in your parallel in terms of popularity, etc), for locating the competitors. You need to go to Domain Analytics followed by choosing Organic Research and then Competitors.

  1. Save Yourself from Tiring Situation

What will be your reaction if you happen to be in the predicament where you are penalized by the Google for black hat SEO practices, thereby the search traffic coming to almost nil? Well, it will literally be an end of the world.

 Black hat SEO or white hat SEOImage – seopressor

However, on a brighter side, you know SEMRush is going to change this challenging situation of yours. Through this tool, the online presence of your blog will turn out to be as lively as you actually want it to be.

Since, SEMRush gives you the convenience of having an understanding about the backlinks which your competitors have earned along with the domain names as well as IPs which are linked to their blogs. Hence, a “complete picture” is what you are going to get through the tool, quite like what you want before heading your way for a systematic moving on.

  1. Guest Blogging

I consider guest blogging an art which, if practised in an intelligent manner, will yield great results. There are different kinds of websites, while a few use unethical ways of popularising them like through spamming and all and getting fined later on.

benefits-of-guest-bloggingThrough SEMrush you can help locate the actual scenario of the website before you guest post. It will give you a clear understanding and also through organic search, you know the actual utility and importance of the website.

  1. Ascertain your Actual Ranking and Position

SEM Rush lets you have the convenience of keeping a track of your present along with the past ranking reports. The bloggers, who are averse to the idea of using this wonderful tool, may not be armed with the updated information regarding the most conducive keywords which can do wonders for you in bringing organic traffic. It is not necessary; the keyword which gave your benefits in the past need to work this time.

  1. Discover Superior Advertising Prospects

Why to pay hefty amount for generating traffic through Google Adwords? As a better and easy way which SEMrush offers is by connecting you with the companies based on the keywords, you want to rank.

  1. Know the Actual Scenario of your Site

Through SEMrush, as you enter the name of the domain, you will get an insight of the traffic overview screen which will help you in knowing about the actual traffic which you are getting through organic as well as paid channels. This will give you a systematic position about your performance with respect to your main keywords and your ranking through SEMrush.

  1. The Importance of the Tool is Manifolds

SEMRush is a bundle of housing all the detailed information about your websites which gives you Go-Ahead in making changes as per the requirement and needs.

Final thoughtsAforesaid are the 10 ways to use SEM Rush to improve blog traffic. SEMrush is indeed uplifting the scenario of SEO and giving a greater amount of zeal to all. You become an active master towards every minute decision which you take for your blog and seeing the pleasant change, success is surely very near to you.


    • Yogita aka Tanya

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