Photoblog Hauz Khas, LeEco #SuperStoryTelling Photography Event

LeEco, an internet and technology company expanding their business in Indian market from some months now. Few weeks back LeEco launched two SuperPhones, Le Max and Le 1s those got huge love from Indian buyers and the company sold 70,000 phones in 2 seconds.

After the amazing record-breaking sales of gadgets now this brand is working hard to building up their relations with the bloggers. Recently LeEco organised a photography event on 22nd March at the Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas where bloggers got some photography lessons from Ajay Jain, an avid traveler and photographer.

Ajay shared some amazing tips with bloggers on ‘Art of Storytelling with pictures’  and after the session, bloggers enjoyed an open photography walk in Hauz Khas Village with LeEco smartphone.

Check below LeEco Smartphone Photography

(We cropped most of the images)

Birds Photography with LeEco1s smartphone

Someone disturbed this bird couple, Culprit is me 🙁

Bloggers at work, Delhi Hauz Khas Pics , Pic with leEco1s

Vibhor, a fellow blogger during a capture with some kids.

Delhi Streets Photography with - LeEco Smartphone

This colorful Chuski Shop at Hauz Khas reminded me ‘Tommrow is Holi’ 🙂 ,

Hauz Khas, Delhi Pics with LeEco Smartphone

Hauz Khas in Sunny Noon

HauzKhas Lake Pics, Delhi Pic with LeEco smartphone

HauzKhas Lake Pics, Beautiful Nature Photography

HauzKhas Pics, Most Happening place Delhi, Photo from LeEco smartphone

HauzKhas Pics, Most Happening place Delhi

HauzKhas Pics, Most Happening place Delhi, Photo from LeEco

Silent Side of HauzKhas

LeEco Super Story Telling Pics with LeEco smartphone

Thanks to LeEco & Ajay for #SuperStorytelling Session

Photographers at work, pic with LeEco smartphone

Photographer at work, Meet Abhishek Arora, fellow blogger

Random kids posing just after seeing the camera, Delhi Photography with LeEco

Random Kids trying to pose just after seeing the camera…

Squirrel, Natural Photograpy Delhi with LeEco smartphone

Squirrel Pic, A random one.

So during the Photo walk, I missed to capture me from selfie camera, better luck for next time but hang on!

When I  was busy in clicking pics, a friend clicked me, here you go –

Yogita Aggarwal, at LeEco Photowalk

Bloggers at work again 🙂

Thanks for giving us your precious time, do share your views on above shared pics. Happy Blogging & Happy Photo Clicking.

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