5 Reasons How Spun or Duplicate Content Can Harm You

When you think about it, reputation is the only thing that we have. But for business owners reputation is must. you’re gonna have to make sure that you’re legit and that you’re not scamming anyone. Scams might be effective on the short term, but when it comes to building up a client base, and setting up a network of associates, scams won’t get you very far. Below are the reasons “How spun content can harm you?

Reason #1: Loss of reputation

We mentioned this in the introduction, so we’re gonna start with this. What we mean by loss of reputation is pretty clear, but for those who don’t know about it, here’s a short explanation. When you do business with someone and you don’t scam them, they’re gonna put a positive review next to your username, a positive feedback. When you scam someone, well then they’re gonna put a not so positive review, obviously.

You might pull a scam and trick a few people at first, but sooner or later people are gonna figure out what you’re doing and down goes you’re whole “business”.

Reason #2: Rejection, rejection, rejection

When you’re doing guest posting and when you send someone your article, they’re gonna check it before publishing, that happens almost always, unless you come across a blogger who isn’t particularly interested in what gets published on their blog.

What all this means is that you’re gonna see a lot of rejection for your the articles that you submit for guest posts, because they are spun, low quality.

Reason #3: Google won’t look kindly on it

It won’t look kindly at all. You are probably aware of all the commotions about the changes that Google made Google made to it’s search algorithm in the recent years and how it negatively affected a lot of websites out there. One of the reasons why aforementioned updates to search algorithms were so brutal for some websites is because they had a lot of low quality backlinks.

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Low quality backlinks are backlinks which come from websites that are not very popular, which either don’t have pagerank or have very low pagerank. These websites are much more likely to accept low quality spun content, and even though you think that you’re super smart because you managed to submit an article and you snatched yourself a backlink, in reality you might even set your website back because the website is a low quality content farm.

Reason #4: There won’t be as much user engagement as there would be with genuine content

Let’s say that you manage to go past the editorial pen of the blog owner and your article get posted on some shady blog, you get yourself a backlink, everything’s great, but you notice that there’s no traffic coming in from the posted articles.

Don’t forget that the article which you post should also generate some traffic to your blog. If the blog to which you’ve posted your article isn’t that active, if it’s poor quality and there aren’t that many users to read your writing, well then you’re not gonna see a lot of people clicking on the backlink that you’ve placed.

Reason #5: Wasted energy

The last reason why you should not be trying to use spun content when doing link building is that it’s ultimately a waste of energy. You won’t benefit a lot from it and ultimately you’re just lose both time and money.

Conclusion – Like we already mentioned, trying to scam people will only get you so far and even though it might be effective on the short term, on the long run you’re gonna lose a lot of business.

Reputation is everything, so instead of scamming people, why not put that effort into building a solid network of clients and building up your portfolio so that you can attract even more business?

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