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Penguin and Panda have re-crowned content as the king once more. We are bond to see less and less worthless material when it comes to online content. This means that only relevant material will make it to the top of the pile, the rest will go the way of the dinosaurs. Of course this means that online marketers will have to pay closer attention to their copies. Two of the best strategies that many have turned to are blogger outreach and guest blogging.

When marketing your content, you need top notch connections. The most valuable of which are blogs that have a rich and deep following. Bloggers who are niche leaders command a great deal of influence when it comes to client engagement. Marketing your content through them will give your brand a much needed high level endorsement that will not only have people flocking to your site but it will also improve your ranking on Google and in the long run, your bottom line.

Here is the Top Networks for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach that you can use as launching pads for your content marketing.

1. Blogger LinkUp:

If you are a blogger looking for a guest post, then Blogger LinkUp is the platform for you. This platform is free to use and links up content marketers with bloggers in need of their services. How this works is like this: A requestor, usually a blogger submits a request for a guest post or announces a contest; post a product for other bloggers to review and so forth.

The platform sends out an email to every subscriber three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Anyone on the list who feels up to the requested task can contact the requestor directly from the provided contact information. No money exchanges hands, just guest posts and links.

2. Guest Blog It:

With the GuestBlogIt platform, you are allowed to submit content that other bloggers can use and you can in turn find content for your own site. There are different membership levels. With the free membership, at any given time, you can only have one article on the market. But with the pro membership, you can have up to five articles on the market at a time.

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The catch is you have to pay a $20 monthly subscription for the pro membership which in addition to the extra number of articles on the market in one go, you also have access to certain features such as sending and receiving direct messages, ratings as well as membership to a social voting network called ‘Blog Engage’.

3. Guestr:
Guestr is basically a go between for bloggers looking for guest posts and guest bloggers looking for places to post their material in exchange for links. It is a free service that currently has over 804 listings. All these listings are from a very wide niche pool with different categories and content needs.

The good thing about Guestr, besides being free, is that you can see the Google page rank and estimated visits for all the listings. So if you have nowhere to post your content in exchange for links or you can’t seem to find high quality guest posts for free, Guestr is where you should be looking.

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4. BlogSynergy:

This is a platform for bloggers and writers to connect. For anyone looking for guest posts for their blogs, all you have to do is register with BlogSynergy and you will have access to over 17,000 writers who are willing to provide content. Joining the platform is free of charge. It also has over 2,000 blogs that are looking for guest posts.

This means that bloggers looking to provide content in exchange for links have a wide variety of blogs that cover a very wide range of topics.

5. BlogDash:

With over 109,000 bloggers in its directory, BlogDash considers itself the premium blogger outreach platform. It provides an avenue for bloggers to interact with other bloggers and pitch ideas. It is free to join and connect with other businesses within your niche.

But if you are looking to pitch the 109,000 bloggers through their dashboard, you need to subscribe for $49.99 a month.

These are just five of the Top Networks for Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach.


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