5 Tips on How To Promote Your Restaurant on Facebook

If you’re a restaurant, cafe, bar or lounge owner, your greatest asset is a satisfied customer. While word-of-mouth marketing is your greatest strength, you must also start taking Facebook marketing for restaurants into consideration, as soon as possible. Almost all of your customers are on Facebook, and it’s the one place you must explore as a medium to see a rise in your customer base.

Restaurant on Facebook

Facebook marketing is neither as complicated as it sounds, and nor is it too simple to be ignored. It’s all about learning the art of how to sell on Facebook. Simple status updates on your Facebook Business Page cannot do wonders for you in terms of lead generation and building a customer base via Facebook. Here are our top 5 tips to get the attention of your Fans and promote your restaurant.

 1. Set-up a Facebook Business Page

Start with the basics – if you don’t have a Facebook Business Page, create one. You can create the page under the ‘Local Business; category and select ‘Bar or Restaurant/Cafe’ as a sub-category to clearly specify your industry and make for better searchability. Add an SEO-friendly description. Add your restaurant logo (or name) as your profile picture. Make sure you upload a 180×180 pixels (minimum) profile picture. Add an interesting Cover Image for your Business page. You can have only 20% text on your cover image so keep the communication mostly visual.

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 2. Run Timeline contests on Facebook

Simple Facebook updates about food and recipes may not be enough to keep your customers coming back to your Facebook Page. Customers need more, so entice them with contests. You can run a Facebook Timeline Contest and giveaway offer coupons (or more) to winners. Timeline Contests are a great way to engage fans, as they are easy to participate in and have a high virality factor. However, they are difficult to manage, especially if you receive hundreds of entries and don’t get you much more than short-term page engagement, unless you use a Facebook contest app that will help you to manage Timeline Contest easily and efficiently.

 3. Reward your Fans

Encourage your Fans to become your customers.  Offer group deals to your customers with a Facebook Group Deal App, daily deals to make your fans visit your restaurant again. Give discount coupons and run quick, easy, and attractive campaigns like: Like our page and get a 20% off – exclusively for Facebook Fans!

 4. Display your Restaurant features

You can display the features of your restaurant, cafe, bar or lounge using a Facebook app. Such Facebook apps are useful as they will allow you to list down all the details of your restaurant right on Facebook and build a business showcase. They will also allow you to take orders and reservations from Facebook Page as well. It’s worth checking out – http://appsmav.com/facebook-app-restaurant-cafe.php

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5. Listen and respond

Social media is all about listening to what your Fans have got to say about your brand. To be a successful business make sure you listen to your Fans’ complaints and appreciations and respond to them accordingly. Do not ignore them. Do not delay in replying to them. Make sure you apologize, or thank them for their feedback. Throwing in a freebie for some regular Fans is a good idea too. If they feel you value their opinion, it would make them your loyal customers and they would spread the good word about you! What more can you ask for?

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