6 Challenges Faced by Bloggers That You Have No Idea About

Many of us aspire to be a blogger in same or the other niche. But, do we really know how easy or difficult it is to be a blogger? It definitely isn’t easy, rather, there are a lot of challenges faced by bloggers in order to serve the audience with relevant and the best quality content.

While the picture from the viewers’ end seems quite easy, but a blogger only knows what she/he has to go through to create just a single blog post. Below mentioned are 6 of the many challenges faced by bloggers that you have no idea about.

1. Building The Blog Name

Challenges Faced by Bloggers

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Most of us still think that creating a blog is easier than cracking a nut. One can create a blog with just a few clicks and scrolls, and that too won’t take more than a few minutes. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but creating a blog is just the first step. Behind every good and reputed blog there are a lot of sleepless nights.

There is not one, but many steps those shape a blog. ‘Creating a blog design’, is one of the first challenges faced by bloggers, and they have to design the blog in a way that it grabs most of the audience interactions. After all, who likes a terribly designed blog?

But what matters more is the blog name and its credibility over the time.

2. Grabbing Invites for The Launch Events

Oh yes, the bloggers have to visit multiple events to serve you with spot on information and details. Official sources are the best to receive the information, but are the most difficult ones to approach too.

A blogger has to connect with multiple PR agencies to ultimately create a connection with the brands that are in line with the blog’s niche. Connecting with and maintaining a contact in each PR agency is in itself a tedious task. The blogger has to maintain a healthy relation with them, and has to post blogs related to the brand handled by them to grab an invite to their event. Phew!

3. Making The Most of the Event

Challenges Faced by Bloggers

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Getting an invite isn’t enough, making a full use of that chance is even more important. The future work collaboration opportunities are dependent on what you did for brand, and what you posted on the blog. The blogger has to make sure to grab a seat in the front row, if possible, to click some perfect shots for the related story.

The blogger has to analyse the motive of the event, and carefully see/listen the things that are being showed/said there. After that, the real job of a blogger begins. She/he has to post the story as soon as possible with complete and accurate information gathered at the event. Even a delay of few minutes can make the blogger lose a large chunk of audience.

Apart from being an active listener at events, blogger has to share most eye catchy social updates with right  hashtags,  to get maximum  social exposure.

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4. Bearing The Tantrums from Multiple Sources

Okay, this happens everywhere, and the bloggers have to face this too. The old and experienced bloggers rarely come across such incidents, but the newbies in the field have to face them. Many times, the people at PR agencies will always make you realise that you’re just a new blogger, who doesn’t matter at all.

Not only the PR agencies, but sometimes the seniors in the industry too do such things, even though they themselves have gone through this phase. While it does no visible harm to the bloggers, but it definitely affects the confidence level of the learners.

5. Gather Some Quality Audience

Challenges Faced by Bloggers

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Audience is the key to success for any blog, and gathering a large one is one of the most difficult challenges faced by bloggers. The bloggers need to create and maintain a large reader-base to sustain this packed online space.

And to gain more and better viewers, the bloggers have to continuously create quality content. The bloggers have to go through aggressive marketing and perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), for remaining competitive in the segment.

6. Handling The Sponsored Posts

So, what’s the problem with a sponsored post, after all you are being paid a good amount to write a few hundred words? Well, that’s just the visible part of the story, you should know the behind the scenes of these sponsored posts.

Every blogger goes through this phase when her/his blog has become a bit popular, and the brands now want them to write good for their products in return for an agreed price. The brands put a lot of pressure on the blogger to write only the good part about the product and not mention the cons. With all such challenges faced by bloggers, blogs, especially the sponsored ones, get a bit biased at times with marked as sponsored.

Do share your experience and views on challenges faced by bloggers, we will be happy to hear you.


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