Android Wear-Sharing Information That Moves With You

With smartphones becoming a vital part of our lives, we can’t afford to stay disconnected with the world and the people we care for. Ever since the inception of supercomputers, we’ve been barely unaware about everything latest that’s happening in the world of information and technology. An excitement about wearables is one such key technological advancement that has raised many eyebrows. Having entered into the Android world, wearable technology has helped people interact with each other via a simple glance or a few spoken words. Keep on reading this blog to learn more about Android wear-the best ever range of devices that bring along an expansive range of apps.

Useful information when you need it most

Android Wear organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask. Get messages from your friends, appointment notifications, and weather updates at a glance.

Android Wear- Your route to a muti-screen world

One of the major advantages of Android gear is that it serves as the key to a world of multiple screens. With an Android wear, you can access and control multiple devices via your wrist smartwatch. For example, all you need to do is simply say “Ok Google” and an entire music playlist will be fired up on your smartphone. You can even choose to cast your favorite movie from your smartwatch to your television screen. With a wide collection of possibilities available with Android wear, developers need to pull up their socks for building things that are unique and fully-functional.

Android Wear- See the most needed information on the go

With an Android wear, you can see all the information and suggestions while on a move. Plus, you can access them at a time that suits you the best. Equipped with a wide variety of Android applications, you can use your Android wear for receiving latest posts and updates from the most popular social apps, notifications from news, shopping and photography apps etc.

Android Wear- Take the right fitness move via reminders and fitness summaries

By owning a perfect Android wear, you can take your best foot forward when it comes to monitoring your health and fitness. Your Android wear will be equipped with reminders and fitness summaries that would offer you statistics regarding real-time speed, distance covered and time information right on your wrist watch while you are running, walking or cycling. All in all, you can monitor your health and fitness in a perfect way.

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Android Wear- Gather straight answers to spoken questions

While using an Android wear, just say “Ok Google” to ask your set of questions, for example: the number of calories that exist in an avocado, what time your train departs, scores of your favorite game etc. Also, you just need to say “Ok Google” for getting your stuff done, for example, making a call, sending a text, making a hotel reservation, setting an alarm etc.

Android promises new improvements with every model of Android wear watch

Android has always been surprising its wearable device users via innovations introduced in the design and styling of the Android wear watches. One such incredible improvement introduced by Android is rendering developers the freedom to design and release fully supported custom watch faces. This Android wear update has played a pivotal role in enhancing the navigation and voice control on the wearable watches.

Android Wear- What’s the developers’ take on it?

Well, if you’re a developer then there’s a brand new section for you on wearables. Named as, this section allows you to download a Developer Preview that helps you in tailoring your existing app notifications for Android Wear powered watches. Since Android for wearables works with rich Android notification system, there are apps that allow you to render a brilliant user experience. All the Android Wear APIs are easily available in the Android Support Library and Google Play Services. The internet is crowded with developer resources and APIs that serve as excellent tools for introducing watches that are powered by Android wear.

Wrapping Up

Android Community has always been occupied with seeking new ways for technology that can help people lead convenient and hassle-free lives. It is definitely an excellent experience of getting the most out of many screens that we use everyday like the one in our car, in our pocket and now, even on our wrist in the form of Android wear watches. So, get high on style and features with the all-new Android wear powered watches.

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