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There are now 1.3 million Apps in the Apple App Store, but not all are games designed for time wasting like Candy Crush or Tinder for example. There are plenty of smartphone essential business apps available not only through Apple’s App Store, but through the Google Play Store as well. They all have one thing in common as well, they are all brilliant for those who work within the busy world of corporate business.

These Apps help by aiding organization and productivity. They are excellent for busy people who’re struggling to juggle their daily working activities in between home, the office, the commute and their leisure time. These iOS and Android Apps are the best friend of CEOs and business leaders across the globe who are all in positions where their smartphones are indispensable parts of their lives.

Here are six essential free business Apps for a busy business life:


Linkedin is now the go-to social network for employees, job seekers and business leaders. The network, which can be accessed via desktop, tablet or via smartphone, connects brands, companies and people inside a professional environment and interface.

Users are able to create meaningful connections which assist with career objectives, while there is plenty of interesting content published which offer insights into the latest industry happenings.

Linkedin Snapshot

The app is extremely user friendly, unlike the Facebook App which is clunky and unresponsive. It could be said that Linkedin is a professional alternative to Facebook, and if you’re seriously looking at furthering your career, the Linkedin app is a must.

Google Drive

If you use Gmail and Google Drive for Work in the workplace, then the Google Drive App is essential. It allows you to work on projects as files are stored on a remote cloud which can then be accessed from anywhere with an internet or a 3G/4G connection.

You can reach your files via any smartphone or tablet, and have the option to access your drive via your desktop computer or laptop if need be. All files, including videos, photos and documents are backed up so that you don’t lose them, while the ability to work collaboratively with fellow employees is the perfect antidote to looming deadlines when you’re pressed for time.

The app lets you access, edit, manage and upload files from anywhere. The simple interface is easy to navigate and best of all, the app is free to download.


Evernote is simple to use, and it helps you remember everything you need to remember across all of the devices which you use. Staying organized is of paramount importance these days and the app lets you take notes, snap photos, create lists, scan business cards, record voice memos and benefits from a well designed search function.

Available for iPhone and iPad, Mac and web, if you’re juggling lots of different projects, you might want to take a look at Evernote. Billed as ‘The ultimate life organiser’, the ability to sync a number of devices and compare all of your records is great for business life, but not only that, it works well as a personal tool as well.


We have looked at Google Drive, but if you are not using Gmail for business purposes, the next best file and storage solution is Dropbox. You’re able to access your files from iPhone, iPad, desktop and laptop computers, and are able to access them wherever you are as they are stored within the cloud.

By keeping all of your files, photos and video safe from intruders, and with the large storage capabilities, it’s no wonder that this app is popular with business owners and employees across the globe.

Asana Mobile

Asana allows teams to work with one another without having to send emails. Coworkers can create tasks, lists and have conversations with each other with less effort than sending emails back and forth. The mobile app allows for:

● Creation, prioritizing and task assignment on the go
● Up-to-date push notifications
● Add due dates
● Attachment of files and images

Office 365 Mobile

If you’re using Word, PowerPoint or Excel in the workplace, you are now able to view, edit and share documents through your SkyDrive account. Office 365 is a portable mobile office suite which is similar to Google Drive, but the choice of which one you use depends on your allegiances.


If you like to map out idea on mind maps, then iThoughtsHD might be an app worth looking at. It is an easy-to-use piece of mind mapping software which can be used to make notes, expand your network and outline, arrange and brainstorm brand new ideas. The free-flowing interface helps connections become seamless and free flowing, with creative solutions hopefully just around the corner.


All good businesspeople need to take time out from their busy schedules, and one way to do that is through regular exercise. Strava is a fantastic GPS training app for running or cycling which tracks activities, giving you a number of stats which help you challenge and improve your fitness.

The best feature is perhaps the segment section which allows friends to challenge each other over certain routes, as well as pitting themselves against the public. There are digital prizes for the fastest times. It’s a great app which allows you to push yourself to the limit when outside of the working environment, which in turn will prepare you mentally for when you’re back at your desk or in a meeting.

Bottom Line

Essential apps for a busy business life. Mobile apps are now essential for businesses, as smartphone devices have not only transformed the ways in which we live our day to day lives, but they are perfect tools to help those working within commercial sectors. Whether you’re looking at iPad, iPhone or Android apps, there are plenty amongst the ever growing pool of downloadable mobile apps which are able to assist business leaders and entrepreneurs, boosting their productivity and their day to day business lives.

Above written article is contributed by Jennifer Smith on behalf of Cloud Solutions, a leader in the provision of cloud technologies.

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