Best Live Streaming Social Media Apps Among Influencers

Social media influencer has become the most sought career option among millennials. It started as a part time job to earn some extra money but today has become a livelihood of many. Becoming a successful social media influencer is no more an easy task because of the profession being open for all.

One has to be unique among millions of people already in the profession to stand out and be updated about the trending and new media. Live streaming is the new key because of its growing trend among influencers.

Here are top 5 five apps one can consider for live streaming and building their career as a social media influencer.

Best Live Streaming Social Media Apps Among Influencers

Periscope: The official live video application from Twitter is best for people who are active on Twitter. One doesn’t need to install the app and be live on the Twitter homepage, feed and browser. With a tap from the followers on the screen one can receive likes with hearty icons fluttering all over the page.

It has features like ‘Replay Highlights’ that will present the best portions of the content one has posted.

Facebook live: For people who are not active on Twitter, this can be a better option. Here the onset of the live video is directly from the case where one upload statuses and photos. Just like Periscope emoticons hover all over the screen once they are tapped upon by a follower.

The audience can join one Facebook Live and give comments, ask questions etc. It allows one to run the broadcast for up to 90 minutes and once halted, the video can be uploaded to your profile in high definition for later use.

Instagram: It is a new and contemporary among live streaming platforms. It is exclusively a mobile only application that does not allow one to save the live video. One cannot play the video again once the stream is over. However, it allows one to share the live video so that people who couldn’t join it can still view it within 24 hours.

It also has an option to split the screen and go live with a friend It is for the entirely for the ones who live in the moment.

LiveMe: Developed and launched by Cheetah Mobile, the makers of popular utility apps such as Clean Master, CM Security and Battery Doctor, LiveMe is a live broadcasting app and streaming platform that allows users to be live and gains followers.

One can chat with their followers, reply to their comments and can also watch the top followers live. It has an assortment of features like interactive stickers, face-mapping technology and exchange of digital gifts such as unique emoticons. It also allows users to share their favourite broadcasts or live events happening near them directly with their friends via various popular social apps.

Youtube: One can live stream from any smart phone with the help of Live on YouTube. One can stay tuned with the subscribers and viewers through live streaming by connecting with the YouTube account in one click installation. It helps one to instantly broadcast live to YouTube channels, share moments, experiences live on YouTube. Broadcast Live in HD quality straight through YouTube.

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