3 Awesome Tools To Manage Twitter Followers

You may think that it will take a very long time before you reach the point where you need to actually manage your twitter followers – you would be wrong. Regardless of whether you have thirty, three hundred or three thousand followers, it is important that you manage them to make sure that your list is filled with pertinent, interesting and active accounts. This will aid you learn more regarding your niche, target your message towards your particular audience, provide breaking news and lots more. Presented below are three awesome tools that you can use to manage your twitter followers.

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Manage Flitter

The majority of twitter accounts would be following inactive accounts of or accounts that do not follow them back. These accounts decrease the ratio of followed to followers accounts as well as make the account appear less influential within the eyes of several twitter users. Finding and manually removing those accounts which are not beneficial to you can take a great deal of your time.

This is where you need Manage Flitter. This free tool checks your account (after you have given it authorization) and then creates a list of all your followers. After that, you can sort the list by number of followers, the number of lists that they are in, the number of tweets that they have sent out, as well as the accounts they’re following. Also, there are filter choices for accounts with no photographs, accounts that are extremely talkative or quiet or accounts that are not in English language.

It has a very friendly user interface – a sad smiley signifies that an individual is not following you, down and up arrows indicate just how quiet or talkative that individual is, and a red colored button with an “X” in the middle shows that the individual is inactive. You can utilize these details to determine whether you still wish to follow somebody also this fantastic tool allows you to bulk unfollow accounts that you think are unworthy.


Chances are that you have heard about Buffer, but the question is: are you utilizing it? Buffer is a twitter app that lets you schedule twitter updates (even though it also works with LinkedIn and Facebook) in an extremely convenient manner. First, you create a schedule or timetable for the periods that you would like to share or publish an update. After that you simple add several tweets to your buffer and the tweets are sent out according to the timetable you have created. The app will take care of the rest.

There are a number of limitations such as the amount of updates that you can add till the buffer is filled up. Also, you cannot create different timetables for the various days. Nevertheless, there is a premium plan which begins at ten dollars and removes the limitations. As an alternative, you can refer individuals, which provides you with an additional space within your buffer. However, even with the free plan, you can save a great deal of time which you can utilize to write new content for example.

Tweet Adder

This is a fantastic app that is generally specialized in acquiring additional and targeted followers on Twitter. The concept is easy. You follow some individuals on Twitter every day thereby letting them know that you exist. You have total control over the individuals that you decide to follow. Everything is customizable, from the countries that these individuals reside in, the number of people following them, their activity as well as the keywords they have utilized within their tweets and description.

By so doing, you will expand your reach as well as find like-minded marketers and bloggers who can develop relationships with. What you should bear in mind is that the tool can be abused or utilized efficiently. It is left to you to determine whether you’ll adopt the spammy tactic by following lots of individuals daily or whether you’ll take things easy thereby giving yourself sufficient time to engage, go through some interesting content as well as get to discover new individuals.

There are several other twitter tools. These are only a few which have beneficial attributes. Regardless of the tools you utilized, check what authorization they demand of your account before you grant them. In addition, if you stop utilizing them, log into your Twitter account the stop them from accessing your account.

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