Basic Internet Security Tricks much needed in INTERNET REVOLUTION

This new invention of “Internet Revolution” is a birth of acknowledging information. It  allows the users of internet to gain benefits of enhancing every aspect of life and to share experiences on huge networks with vast number of people around the world. 99% of the global population are accessible to internet till now and can expect crossing the countless users within next five years, So security and privacy becomes the main concern as the world is getting digitize from fitness to home automation.


There are alleged cons, frauds schemes that can be done through cyber criminals, who targets millions of people utilizing their home PC’s to keep up with games, financial websites, banking, email, e-commerce and online chats. So, the internet security firms warn the computer users to be meticulous of any file sharing websites as they offers links to games or advertisement videos which can contain harmful malware.

Basic Internet Security Tricks much needed in INTERNET REVOLUTION

Basic Internet Security Tricks much needed in INTERNET REVOLUTION

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But as we see, the security and privacy offered by these security providers are too complex and cumbersome that most of its users including solution providers find it difficult to operate. However now the challenge is that, solution offered should be simple and can be adopted in day-to-day life to get protection against identity theft.

So, lets avoid more hurdle – A growing number of security helper aim to lock down your mobile device, PC and protect your home, credit cards from bad guys on bay.


Advertisers are tracking wherever you go online and in-fact cellular providers are helping them in data-stealing malicious apps. But you can put a break on it by simple setting changes. Take immediate steps to lock down your phone by setting up a long and strong password for your mail account or for any social networking sites. Obviously, this wont restrict them to track your location and selling it to advertiser but it can be protected at certain limit. Also check app source before installing because sometime legitimate apps can grab information from your phone that you want to restrict from sharing.

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Above are the basic security tricks we can follow. But apart from this, there are many  security gadgets which has been recently launched for safety:


 NORTON SECURITY DELUXE : With a single subscription this security app 100% guarantee you to keep your advice virus-free, by safeguarding your identity and online transactions on your windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Apart from this, it also alerts you about risky apps before downloading them.

KASPERSKY GADGET : Kaspersky Internet security now has its own kaspersky gadget which is a tiny tool with various functions and can be connected to various devices. It enables you to  perform task with an ease and you can see your PC’s protection status always.

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Smart homes deserves a smart security – So smart locks have been launched that can be unlocked with an easy access of Smart phones app installed.

COCOON : This Security gadgets act like a pet but pet-friendly that can listen and learn who belongs in your home and who doesn’t. It provides multi floor protection supported with a wide-angle HD camera and has night visions, and motion sensors

BOLT : Its a key less door lock, which lets you lock your 600 door through your smartphones with low-energy Bluetooth device rather than internet access.


Children today have an easy access towards internet which is a big havoc and threat for the parents as well. this can be a big concern  as children are at more risk of cyber  bullying, frauds and scams.

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EKAVACH– This App truly acts as a Kavach (protector) to the children,& also a great rescuer for them. This app update parents about the usage of applications & amount of time spent on internet by your child. It allows the Parents to block certain websites, content which are irreverent for the children to access. Also monitors the online activities of your child.

SAFE BROWSER– This app make sure to prevent children from accessing any appropriate pages by monitoring more than 8 million websites & a billion webpages on daily basis.

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