The Best Window AC Under Rs 20000 You Can Buy This Summer

Summers have just arrived and are already getting a bit too scorching. The only thing that comes to the rescue in this extreme situation is the AC in your house. Think of coming home after a tiring day at the office, and you get to feel the cool breeze right from your AC. So you should try Window AC.

Ah, we all simply love it! If you are planning to buy a new window AC for your home and you have a bit tight budget, then you can check out our list of best Window AC under Rs 20000. Here we go-


1. Voltas 183 Cya 1.5 Ton 3-Star Window AC

Voltas is one of the most reliable brands for AC in India, and it is owned by Tata, which further adds to the trust. Available for about Rs. 19490, this is one of the best window AC under Rs 20000, as it comes with 3-star rating and a large 1.5 Ton capacity.Voltas 183 Cya 1.5 Ton 3-Star Window AC - Best window ac under rs 20000

2. Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW312KUDI 1 Ton 3-Star Window AC

Hitachi is a leading Japanese brand in consumer electronics segment, and their 1 Ton Window AC is also quite good. Coming with an LCD panel, and air circulation of 300 CFM, this AC is good for small to medium sized rooms. The Window AC has 3-Star energy saving rating too!

3. Voltas 122 LYE 1 Ton 2-Star Window AC

Another Voltas Window AC, but for the people who need it for a small to medium sized room. The capacity of 1 ton is good for this sized rooms and offers air circulation of 264.86. Available for just Rs. 19090, the AC is quite featured rich and reliable and offers better after sales service.

4. Blue Star 2WAE081YC 0.75 Ton 2-Star Window AC

Blue Star is another brand that is known for its quality products and ACs with brilliant technologies. The company is also known to provide products at really low prices, without compromising on the quality. And this AC is no different, it is priced at just Rs. 17090 and has a lot of features to offer.

5. LG LWA2CP1F 0.75 Ton 1-Star Window AC

LG is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction in the home appliance segment. This LG has a capacity of 0.75 Ton, which is good for small rooms in your house, and has 1-star rating for power efficiency. The LG AC is the best window AC under Rs 20000, especially considering its price of Rs 16580.LG LWA2CP1F 0.75 Ton 1-Star Window AC - Best window ac under rs 20000

6. LG LWA2CP1A 0.75 Ton 1-Star Window AC

This is another window AC from LG, and has specifications similar to that in the previous one. It has the same capacity of 0.75 Ton, and 1-star energy efficiency rating. This LG AC is a great option you can consider, and it is priced close to the previous LG AC too.

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7. Lloyd LW12A2N 1 Ton 2-Star Window AC

Lloyd is another brand in the consumer electronics segment, and is known for making great quality products and provide them at budget prices. This Lloyd is priced at Rs 19800, and offers a great value for money for its features and specs.

8. Haier HW 12CH1N 1 Ton 1-Star Window AC

This Haier window AC might look very simple, but isn’t as simple in terms of features. It has a cooling capacity of 1 Ton, which is ideal for a medium sized room, and with 1-star rating, it saves quite a lot of electricity. It is available for a price right below Rs. 20000.

9. Voltas 102 PY 0.75 Ton 2-Star Window AC

We are back to the Voltas, and this time the AC is of smaller capacity, and is good for small rooms. The 0.75 Ton AC comes with 2-star energy efficiency rating. For Rs. 19590, the Voltas 102 PY is one of the best window AC under Rs 20000. You can grab this from any of the online stores and is available offline too.

10. Blue Star WAC 2WAE081YB 0.75 Ton 2-Star Window AC

Coming at a cost of around Rs. 17000, the Blue Star window AC is not only a reliable product but a very feature rich AC too. You will get everything that you can expect from a perfect 0.75 Ton window AC. Unlike most of the low priced window ACs, this Blue Star one comes with a 2-star rating for better energy efficiency.

Blue Star WAC 2WAE081YB 0.75 Ton 2-Star Window AC - best window ac under rs 20000Do share your most trusted brands when it comes to buy AC and your reviews for any of the above listed product.

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