How to Build Own Online Marketplace?

An Online marketplace is a kind of eCommerce website where third parties provide products and stocks information; however the transactions are handled by the marketplace administrator. The way of shopping and business has been revolutionized by Online Marketplaces.

Before introducing online marketplaces, if someone had old garments they wanted to dispose. The first option would be the local charity shop. But today lots of websites are there that help people to sell their vintage garments, or the dress that you have never worn.

How to Build Own Online Marketplace

Let’s take another example of those who make hand crafted items, now they need not to rely upon the craft fairs and verbal marketing. They can sell their artworks to people around the globe through different marketplaces.

Reasons of increasing online marketplaces:

Numbers of online marketplaces are increasing every year and the explanation for this are:

  • Easy Availability of free and Open Source Development platforms to developers so that it becomes easy for them to choose the best one.
  • Increasing demand of people for online marketplaces.
  • Competitive Market
  • Worldwide Ease of Access
  • Profitability
  • Simple Cost System
  • Unmatched Traffic

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Platforms for developing E-Commerce Website:

  1. Magento
  2. Drupal Commerce
  3. Shopify
  4. WooCommerce

All these platforms are popular amongst developers of eCommerce websites and open source. The best part of all these platforms is that all of them provide Content Management System that offers developers a versatile and extendable e-commerce solution that may help them to develop and succeed online. These eCommerce platforms are attractive and developer friendly.

A Summarized result of eCommerce platforms is shown in the following table:

eCommerce Platform Stores in Oct 2012(amongst top 100K) Stores in Feb 2013(amongst top 100K)
Magento 8087 9064
Shopify 573 826
WP e-commerce 800 799
Drupal Commerce 28 68

All these platforms are suggested by developers of the IT industry to build eCommerce websites and due to their far reaching features online marketplaces are increasing in numbers.

There are lot more information to know about online marketplaces that you can see in infographic designed and developed by Nine Hertz

How to Build Own Online Marketplace?


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