Collegedunia Review: A Perfect Search Engine for Colleges

While the enjoying spirits are high in the last days of class 12th, students also have storms hitting their minds for finding the best college for carrying on their higher studies. And that’s not at all an easy task!

A few brilliant minds also went through this adversity in their school days, and also took notice of your situation to come up with an amazing service called Collegedunia. Going by its name, Collegedunia is a place where you can find just everything about colleges, courses and information related to your studies.

It is really very difficult to stand out from the crowded space of college search engines, but Collegedunia has managed to mark its presence, and is continuing to do so, with its great features, about which we’ll talk in the sections below.

Collegedunia Review

Is the information accurate?

Yes, of course. The information is not only accurate, but also complete in all aspects. Collegedunia has a detailed list of over 20,000 colleges and universities, with an even more detailed list of courses at these institutions. And I must say the Collegedunia is in many ways better than most of the websites and services in similar business.

You’ll get detailed information about the college, its contact details, affiliation, facilities, and ratings, that will help you choose the best one. Collegedunia also lists all the courses offered by each college, with their respective fees. The tiring process becomes easier when Collegedunia suggests similar colleges, that offer similar courses, to choose from.

With real images of the college and classrooms, and details about placement and faculty, Collegedunia makes sure that you exactly know what you’ll be getting in return from your course at the college. Moreover, you can read reviews from the real people to have a better idea about the college and the particular course you are interested in.

Is their website/app easy to use?

Both, the website and Android app of Collegedunia are by far the most intuitive and easy-to-use services among all the services in similar genre. You can login to the app with your Google or Facebook account, or create an account using your email id, in case you don’t use Google or Facebook (you must be from Mars!).

On the website welcomes you with an interactive list of courses, from which you can choose one to see a list of all the colleges that offer the chosen course. Each college name is accompanied by few basic information related to the college and course, like fees, rating, etc. to further ease the process.

You can even filter the list according to fees, course duration, course type, affiliation, city, and few more. Both, the app and website are quite easy to use and provide all the required details with just a few clicks and swipes. See, how easy it is to search for colleges!

Collegedunia Review

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Should I use it?

Did I list even a single reason not use Collegedunia? No. And, that’s because they have none! The team has managed to create a near perfect service, rather, a guide, for the students who wish to go with a college that truly justifies their passion for pursuing a course. I don’t think there is better app or website that provides such detailed information about different courses and colleges.

Frankly speaking, I’m feeling jealous of the kids who’ll be using this app. I wish I too had Collegedunia when I was banging my head to find best engineering colleges in mumbai for me completing my class 12th.

Thanks for reading us 🙂 Do give a try to Collegedunia to find the best colleges, courses and similar details, I am sure you will love it.

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