5 Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Tips 2018

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It is possible to target your audience on Facebook using several ad formats together with thousands of possible targeting parameters. Typically, learning and mastering your Facebook targeting strategy would allow you to tap into a specific and motivated audience, wherein you can find a network of users who spend an average of 40 minutes a day.

If you want to know some of the most effective and highly powerful Facebook ad targeting strategies, then keep reading.

Facebook Marketing Success Secrets

  1. Take advantage of Life Events targeting

There are specific business types or campaign which focuses on selling their products or services to people who are experiencing major life events. A good example would be a funeral home, which tends to connect with those who are planning for a funeral or have lost a loved one. Wedding photographers target people who are engaged and planning to get married soon. And moving services tend to focus on those who have recently purchased a new property.

What makes Facebook’s Life Events parameter is that you can be able to target people are certain intervals of time after the change. A particular example would be a company which sells company which would be interested in connecting with people who celebrate their one-year anniversary. This way, they could target audience who were newly weds a year ago.

  1. Build leads and loyalty using Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences are a feature allowing you to connect with your existing contacts. While you can be able to reinforce your brand by connecting with your existing customers within their favorite social network, it also allows you to increase your lifetime customer value, loyalty as well as the frequency of orders.

You can create Custom Audiences by simply uploading your customer email list in either CSV or TXT format to Facebook. However, you can also create your Custom Audience based on your visitors, or perhaps some actions which were taken within your app.

  1. Create Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences often come as a next step after you have successfully set up a good Custom Audiences strategy. However, even though you don’t have your own email list, you can still mirror your Facebook fan base. Lookalike Audiences make it possible for you to expand beyond your reach while still enabling you to target those who have highly specific profiles. This is done by creating audiences who are the complete look-alikes of your own targets.

If you don’t have a huge Facebook following, it is still possible to create your Lookalike Audience by using a tracking pixel for creating a Website Custom Audience to mirror. After deciding on the audience you are planning to replicate, you can then make it larger or smaller. Usually, Facebook will let you find the top 1 percent of users who have the same traits in the same country you are targeting.

  1. Gain insight to Facebook users’ purchasing behavior

Facebook once received criticism from various advertising analysts, stating that the site is simply a fun place for hanging out, with little to no commercial intent which could benefit various advertisers. However, things started to chance once Facebook decided to collaborate with various data brokers like Datalogix, Epsilon and Acxiom.

Typically, such brokers have access to a plethora of data transaction which are made every single year. Axciom alone claims that they have around 500 million active consumers from all around the world, averaging around 1,500 data points per individual.

Afterwards, Facebook begin gaining an insight regarding the amount of time you spent playing several games and using several apps. This has given advertisers the ability to reach out beyond their own CRM databases and gain access to customer data which they don’t have before.

Purchasing behaviors subcategories from Facebook users often include Clothing, Food and Drink, Buyer Profiles and a whole lot more. Moreover, inside each broad category you will be able to find various types of behavior. For example, if you choose Buyer Profiles then you will have the ability to target Foodies, Fashionistas and more.

  1. Use Facebook’s Layered Targeting Options

What makes Facebook ads highly effective is the fact that you can layer targeting options on top of each other, thus making your audience more targeted and specific. It basically means that you can combine behaviors, Geo location data and demographics in order to narrow down your audience to as little as a single person. However, one thing which is way more useful for you is the ability to match ad creative and offers to those a smaller audience which were created by combining various data.

One good example would be a moving company which promotes a special discount for senior citizens. Meanwhile, it is possible for such company to target those who have purchased a house in the last month, which was layered with an age range of 60 years or more. If you are able to understand the needs to respond to any audience segment, then you can layer Facebook ads targeting options in order to tap into it and connect with them.

If you want to make use of the best Facebook ad targeting strategy, then you don’t just have to pick one of the strategies mentioned above. Instead, try checking each of them and implement them into your strategy to find out how they would fit with your various audience segments.

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