8 Secret Tips to Increase Online Sales

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Here we have a special article for SEO and marketing professionals who are responsible for bringing more sales to client from their online stores.

You’ve implemented all the necessary SEO techniques, wrote unique product descriptions, created Adwords campaigns and everything seems fine, you have lots of orders but you know that there is always room for improvement. So here are some ideas that will help you to increase sales and conversion rate in your Magento store.

Optimize to boost Your Online Store Coversions

  1. Collect important information about your customers. For example, you can add fields to your registration form where customers can choose group (wholesaler, retailer, etc.), include their company name, birth day and other info. But at the same time try not to include too many fields to your registration form not to discourage clients from registration.
  1. This point is closely connected to the previous one. Use additional customer info to segment your clients according to different parameters. Customer segmentation helps create more targeted marketing and email campaigns which means higher conversion rate. For example, you can send promotional coupons to congratulate customers with their birthday or celebrate N years of their registration on your site.
  1. Use live chart for pre-sales and after-sales services. Of course, people can email you but what if they don’t want to wait and need an answer as fast as possible? Having a live chart on your eCommerce site means you are ready to answer all the questions and as a result customers can make a buying decision much faster.
  1. Add a video to your product. Many AB tests show that a video on a product page can increase your conversion rate sky high, so why not try it? It doesn’t mean you need a Hollywood movie; you just need a high-quality 1-2 minute video (the shorter, the better) which will explain the benefits of your product or service. Visualization always plays an important part in decision-making process. You should not only show your product, you should also explain how it works and why a consumer needs it.
  1. Provide people with user-friendly store navigation. Do you know how hard it may be to find something on a site you see for the first time? Oh, I know. So now I pay lots of attention to usable and understandable store navigation: add breadcrumbs, make the path to products logical, e.g. sitename.com/category/product. This attention to detail will pay off.
  1. You must be aware of the growing number of mobile devices used all over the world. So make sure your site is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from different devices. Many potential customers study products from their phone and then come to your site from the desktop to buy what they need. So don’t overlook this opportunity.
  1. Speed means a lot these days. We want fast service, up-to-date info and quick replies. Your customers want fast site load, they hate delays so try to speed up your store to deliver better user experience.
  1. If you give customers an opportunity to pay for your products online, ensure high security as this is very important for everyone. People share their payment details only if they are sure the gateway is secure, so you can add security badges to show that. And don’t forget about an HTTPS protocol for such pages.

Think about all the above listed things that are usually overlooked by many online stores, including your competitors. Implementing these tips will help you stand head and shoulders above the competition.

If I am missing something then please write me back your valuable points 🙂

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