Most Popular Social Networking Sites of All Time

Social Networking sites are the most trending & easiest way to communicate with your dear friends, colleagues and family members.

Every social platform is built with a distinct thought so all those are a bit similar to each other & have many differences.

Here in this blog post, we are discussing the most trending social networks of the web.

Best Social Networking Sites

Facebook: Me confused !! should I say Facebook or should I mention “King of Social Networks“. Facebook is not just a “Social Network” its a business trend as well. This Ultimate project was started by a 23 yrs old boy named Mark Zuckerberg with his fellow friends & the invention took place at Harvard University. Young Mark developed a number of social networking websites for their mates.

This Ultimate social networking site officially launched in February 2004. Mark’s hard & smart work Facebook is about to complete its 10 years of glory in coming February 2014. I am very sure Millions of users would be there for rewarding Mark.

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Twitter: Twitter celebrated its 8th B’day on last march i.e on March 21st, 2014 is the most popular Micro blogging website. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey to spread short messages to the world. The user can post 140 characters or less on Twitter. Alike Facebook, Twitter is not just a network its a trend followed by millions of web professionals. At present Twitter is having more than 200 million twitters. The most advanced feature of Twitter is its “Real-Time News Feed“.

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Linkedin: Unlike Facebook, Linkedin is completely networking platform designed for business users. Linkedin allows you to get in touch with the people of different professionals. Linkedin was founded by Jeff Weiner & co-founded by Reid Hoffman who worked as an Executive Vice President of Paypal in May 2003. According to latest records, Linkedin is having more than 200 million registered users at present.

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Google Plus: In the race of social networking sites the youngest platform is “Google Plus” which is launched by Google itself in Sept 2011. In just two years Google Plus has become the 2nd widest used social network. Google Plus adds a million values in the life of an SEO professional with the term “SPYW – Search Plus Your World”.

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