Finally we are here with our First Post

So, Finally I am starting my first techie blog with a custom domain. Till now, I  used to blog on free blogging sites including Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Rediff Blogs and many more but now its time to move a step ahead. Blogging is a  kind of fun for me and for sure it would be same in coming future as well. Prior, blogging was so easy but these days its not an easy task to run a successful blog. Lots of hard-work, time and patience is needed with enough knowledge.

I am doing blogging from last 3 years and have faced many issues and yes all because of “€œDear Google”€ but this time I am not gonna take any risk. With all my years of experience, I have decided to blog for my readers and not for search engines. I am really excited as I am starting my new journey towards a lesser known direction but on the other side I am happy to start this journey with my whole enthusiasm.

I would surely need lots of guidance and support from my friends and seniors so just want to convey them “€œBe prepared, I am coming to disturb you“€. Thanks a lot all for all your kind support.

“€œWish me Luck”€ and Cheers !!!!!!!!!

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